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Bridget Valenzuela

Bridget Valenzuela

Level: Advanced

Location(s): Wasilla

Specialties: TRX, Bosu Training, Kettlebell Training, Special Population, Kickboxing, Weight Training, Nutrion

Certifications and Education: NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer, Bosu Certification, Kettlebell Certification, Special Population Certification

Professional Experience: I have worked in the health, and fitness industry for 23 years. I have trained clients at different fitness levels to achieve their goals. Besides being a professional fitness instructor, I'm also a health, and wellness coach.

Philosophy on Exercise: Exercise is a commitment. It is a lifestyle we should embrace. The effort you put into fitness, you will get so much more out of it!! We have this one body. If you nourish it, you will flourish it!

Contact Bridget:  (907) 864-7117


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