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Susan Jochen

Level: Advanced

Location(s): Wasilla & Palmer

Specialties: Core, Spine & Pelvic Stability/Strengthening Injury & Overall Rehabilitative Training Proper Body Composition Creation (Fat Loss/MuscleGain) Beginner-Novice Athletic/Sport Training MS & Fibromyalgia Specific Training Adolescent & Elderly Specific Training Goal-Specific Nutrition Coaching

Certifications and Education: 3.5 years towards B.S. in Biology, NFPT Personal Training Certification (10 years), TRX Suspension and Group Training Certification

Professional Experience: 6 years Professional Competitive Gymnastics Coach (Girls USAG Levels 3-10) 2 years Certified Personal Trainer for Bally Total Fitness 3 years Certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach (Private Studio & Consultation)

Philosophy on Exercise: Everything you do in life will be directly effected, either positively or negatively, by the overall health, alignment, and strength of your body. Your body is like the awesome vehicle for your soul that you can never exchange or trade in for a new one so proper nutrition and exercise is an absolute necessity! Exercise should always primarily be focused on improving the overall function of the body. This is accomplished through the building and/or restoring of strength and proper alignment of the body's muscular-skeletal kinetic chains. Building and improving cardiovascular strength and endurance should be done in tangent to this. When coupled with proper nutritional guidance, optimal body composition begins to form as well. Once weakness are corrected, and a strong foundation of strength, flexibility, and endurance is built, one can begin to venture into a sport or activity that will continue to train and uphold the body at this higher level of functioning. Having something fun to always be training for keeps us engaged and moving forward!

Contact Susan:   (907) 864-7117


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