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Windy Herman

Windy Herman

Level: Advanced

Location(s): Fairbanks South

Specialties: Bodybuilding, Weight Loss

Certifications and Education: ACE, Certified CPR. I have competed in two body-building competitions in the past few years, and have used my knowledge (as well as input from other trainers) to win 2nd and 1st place in Figure.

Philosophy on Exercise: I have been passionate about exercise my whole life. Personally, exercise is a cure-all for me! It helps with depression and anxiety, as well as many other conditions. I'm always happy after working out, and I would love to share the experience with anybody who is willing to try. Starting any exercise program can be challenging, but once you find your groove, it doesn't feel like a chore anymore.

Favorite Quote: "Nothing will work unless you do" - John Wooden

Contact Windy: 365-7351


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