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p.r.e.p. | Physician Referred Exercise Program

Patients can make incredible progress towards their goals when healthcare providers partner with our medical fitness experts to prescribe exercise.

Whether you have special medical needs or just need to jumpstart healthy habits, The Alaska Club’s Physician Referred Exercise Program, p.r.e.p.® is the perfect place to start. Your prescription for exercise is just a referral away!

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What is p.r.e.p.?

p.r.e.p.® is a guided introduction to exercise:

  • 60 day program for $60
  • Onsite consultation and guidance from a Registered Nurse
  • 2 training sessions per week in small groups with medical fitness experts
  • Nutrition education
  • The Alaska Club Gold  membership privileges
  • Unlimited group exercise classes, including water exercise and mind-body classes
  • Use of lap pool and whirlpool
*Some restrictions apply. 


Enrolling in p.r.e.p.® is easy!

Take the p.r.e.p.® referral form to your physician for his or her signature. We are also happy to fax your form to your medical provider for you.

Download the Patient Referral Form here (PDF)


Go to p.r.e.p. forms & documents


“Exercise is Medicine strives to provide the essential connection between clinicians, fitness professionals, and the public, so that everyone can receive the guidance they need to stay healthy and active. All the partners in this initiative are dedicated to the idea that exercise is the new medicine. Partners are asked to continue to build, support, and advocate for physical activity as an essential element of global health and well-being by committing to action."

Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MPH, Former United States Surgeon General

“As health professionals, we should remember that patients are more likely to change their behavior if they have a meaningful reward –something more than reaching a certain weight or dress size. The reward has to be something that each person can feel, enjoy, and celebrate. The reward is optimal health that allows people to embrace each day and live their lives to the fullest – without disease, disability, or lost productivity. I hope you will join the Exercise is Medicine initiative. Together, America can become a Healthy and Fit Nation.”

Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MPH, Former United States Surgeon General

"Exercise is medicine. Everyone knows by now that exercise is good for you. For a lot of people, exercise involves weight loss or weight management. And we’ve all experienced it at some point, you put your heart and soul into a new diet, you exercise like a fiend, but that darn scale just won’t budge! Your motivation is crushed and you think well “why bother…what’s the point”. It’s all about the number on the scale right? Wrong. Exercise is a major player in weight control – whether trying to lose or just maintain. But there are plenty of other numbers fighting for your attention and other benefits of exercise that are just as important to your health."

Our Mission

We improve community health and wellness by integrating the fitness community with local health care providers and increasing the number of patients who choose a healthier lifestyle. 

We carry out this mission by offering an inexpensive, non-intimidating program that introduces providers’ patients to basic exercise and nutrition.

With instruction, education, accountability, and support, we enable patients to successfully assimilate a healthier lifestyle and achieve their health goals.

Special p.r.e.p.® tracks:

  • General Health

  • Diabetes Management

  • Pre/Post Natal

  • Healthy Hearts

  • Arthritis Management

  • p.r.e.p.®(are) for Surgery (Joint Replacement)

  • Aquatics

Our Leadership

p.r.e.p. Medical Director Teresa Bormann, MD

Dr. Bormann

Dr. Bormann grew up in South Dakota and graduated from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine in 1998.  She finished one year of OB-GYN training before deciding that Family Medicine is where her heart is.  She completed residency training at The Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee in 2002.

Dr. Bormann has called Anchorage her home since 2002.  She welcomes all patients and has a focus in adult medicine, women’s health care and chronic pain.


p.r.e.p. Team

Bonnie Young
Registered Nurse
John Neilson
Lead Trainer
Tom Mandler
Program Director

Our Partners in Health and Wellness

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Benefits of p.r.e.p.

6 positive effects of exercise

Heart Health

Regular physical activity can decrease your risk of many heart related diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, stroke, etc. No matter what the number on the scale says,
being active increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol and lowers triglycerides.

Get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked, or ask your doctor what these were at your last checkup. 

Normal blood pressure is 120/80 and your total cholesterol should be less than 200

Blood Sugar

Exercise helps manage blood sugar levels whether you have diabetes or not. If you have diabetes, or are pre-diabetic, physical activity can help you control the disease so you need less medication
or potentially reverse the disease.

Normal blood sugar levels are 80-100. If you are diabetic, according to the American Diabetes Association, target blood sugar range before a meal should be 70-130, or A1C levels of 7% or less.

Mood & Energy

Regular physical activity is an all-natural, no pills needed, mood enhancer. Exercise releases
endorphins and other feel good brain chemicals which will give you an emotional boost and help decrease stress. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout either – take a quiet walk, garden, or take a yoga class. 

It may sound contradictory, but regular exercise will give you more energy. Building your endurance or stamina will improve the efficiency of how hard your body works to get things done. The more efficient your heart and lungs work, the more energy you have to spare.


Who doesn’t want to sleep better? People who exercise have a better quality of sleep – it is
easier to fall asleep, to stay asleep, and sleep deeper. How long do you lay in bed before catching some zzz’s? How many hours a night are you clocking? Do you wake up regularly? Target numbers should be approximately 10-20 min to fall asleep and aim to get 7-9 hours each night.

Brain function

Regular physical activity helps enhance learning, can fend off memory loss and cognitive decline as you get older. Research shows that exercise boosts production of cells in the hippocampus, a part in your brain which is responsible for memory and learning. Keep that noggin sharp and get moving!

Bone density

Although osteoporosis is most commonly associated with women, men also lose bone
density with age. Certain types of exercise have been proven to help slow bone loss and can even help prevent the onset of osteoporosis. These exercises include weight-bearing activities like walking, jogging, or climbing stairs, as well as resistance or strength training using bands, dumbbells, or machines.

Fitness in Alaska

Ask your doctor about p.r.e.p. today:  Download the p.r.e.p. Referral Form


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