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Fitness Staff, Tools & Equipment

Maximize your membership with The Alaska Club fitness staff, high performance equipment, and free resources for nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness.

Our Fitness Staff

The Alaska Club's fitness staff is available at all club locations (except Jewel Lake and Fairbanks West) to provide guidance to get the most out of the  equipment and technology in the gym:

  • ExpressWay circuit
  • Cardio, strength and resistance training equipment
  • Stretch and flexibility equipment
  • AudioFetch audio streaming
  • Preva entertainment consoles
  • The Alaska Club App for iOS and Android

Our fitness staff can help connect you with additional programs, events and services included with your membership.  

  • Group fitness classes
  • Youth and family programs
  • Pools, aquatics programs and swim lessons
  • Locker rooms
  • Child care / Kids' Play Center
  • Spa amenities: massage, tanning and more
  • Racquet sports
  • Personal Training and Team Training

The Expressway

ExpressWay is a circuit of easy to use strength training equipment with friendly staff waiting to help you. They will guide you through the exercise equipment, change your weights, make seat adjustments, track progress on workout cards and educate you on proper form and benefits.

Available at West, Club For Women, East South, Summit, Eagle River and Wasilla.


Our High Performance Equipment

The Alaska Club is dedicated to providing the highest performance equipment for our members, including:

  • ExpressWay Circuit- Full body circuit located in all our facilities
  • Weight training, resistance, free weights and functional training equipment
  • Cardiovascular Equipment:
    • Treadmills, Elliptical, AMT
    • Rowing machines
    • Stepmills
    • Recumbent and upright bikes
    • Ski Erg
    • Lateral Trainers
    • High Incline Trainers


preva screen for web square

Connect to Preva

Preva is a personalized fitness experience specifically designed and built to help you achieve your goals. As your fitness co-pilot, Preva entertains and motivates - encouraging you to succeed.   Learn more about Preva & Precor >

audio fetch

Tune into TV Audio with Audiofetch

Listen throughout the club without being tethered to cardio equipment. Audiofetch streams real-time TV audio to your smartphone. 

  1. To use, download the free AudioFetch app at Google Play or Apple iTunes.
  2. Your device MUST be on “Alaska Club WIFI”.
  3. Your audio sources will begin playing by AudioFetch to your phone.
  4. Listen to TV channels in real-time. Enjoy!

Please ask Fitness Personnel for any assistance required.

More Nutrition, Health & Wellness Resources

Supplied by BMI Calculator USA

USDA Nutrition Database

Search the National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference for food items to find their caloric and nutritional value.

Printable Workout Form

Track your workout activity, goals, and progress with this Printable Workout Form.