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Get a Free 1-Day Pass To The Alaska Club!

Whether you’re looking for something for the kids, the whole family or just yourself, there is something for everyone at The Alaska Club.

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The health and safety of our staff, members, and community continue to be our number one priority. In order to comply with state and local governance, we are taking additional protective measures.

View our safety protocols we are taking to keep you healthy!

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Did you know that daily exercise:

    • Helps you control your weight
    • Reduces your risk of heart diseases
    • Helps your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels
    • Helps you to quit smoking
    • Improved your mental health and mood/attitude
    • Helps keep your thinking, learning, & judgment skills sharp as you age

Your Guest Pass Gives You Access to:

    • Any location, except the Summit
    • Pools and Splash Parks
    • Cardio, Weight,  Strength and Resistance Training
    • Group Fitness classes

For more information about starting a membership call:

Anchorage: (907)365-7384

Mat-Su Valley: (907)864-7142 

Fairbanks: (907)458-1790

Juneau: (907)364-4398

Get in Touch

Please call for more information about new memberships:

Anchorage: (907) 365-7384
Mat-Su Valley: (907) 864-7142
Fairbanks: (907) 458-1790
Juneau: (907) 364-4398