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The Alaska Club Team Training




Team Training - Stronger Together

Expert Coaching, Motivation & Results For All Fitness Levels

Team Training is a total body circuit-like group workout, led by a coach in a  supportive, motivating environment. It's both a great supplement to your current Personal Training routine or your weekly workout! 


Team Training 

Full body workout utilizing body weight, kettlebells, sleds, and much more. Bring the ENERGY with your favorite coaches.

Free To All Members!


Team Training Schedule


Monday 5pm
Tuesday 10am
Wednesday 6am and 6pm
Thursday 10am
Friday 5pm


Monday 5:30pm
Wednesday 5:30pm

Eagle River:

Tuesday 1pm
Thursday 6:15pm
Friday 1pm


Tuesday 5:30pm
Thursday 5:30pm


Monday 1030am
Wednesday 930am
Saturday 930am
Fairbanks South:
Wednesday 6pm
Thursday 6pm
Find & Register For Fairbanks Team Training

Juneau Valley:

Monday 6pm
Tuesday 5:30am
Wednesday 6pm
Thursday 5:30am
Saturday 9am