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Corporate Fitness and Wellness Programs At
The Alaska Club

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Corporate Fitness and Spa Memberships

The Alaska Club has a variety of programs, services, and most importantly a caring staff to help you meet your employees’ health and fitness needs.

The benefits of adding exercise to one’s routine are tremendous. In addition to our fitness membership, we also offer a spa membership for those interested in just going straight to stress and tension reduction.

Our spa membership includes one massage a month, with additional available at significantly discounted rate, unlimited tanning, unlimited ZUMBA® fitness classes, unlimited DVD rentals, discounted child care and more. As an employer, you will see an increase in productivity, a reduction of stress and tension, and an overall positive attitude among your employees.

Not only can The Alaska Club provide the facility for your staff to utilize but we can set up programs to motivate your staff toward a healthier lifestyle. We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how we can get you started with a free wellness program that works for you and your employees.


Research shows that a productive work force is a healthy work force. The Alaska Club can help you take the first step toward developing a productive and efficient working environment by establishing a successful wellness program for your employees.

Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program include:

  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Lower personal medical costs
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved personal productivity
  • A network of support

Corporate Programs & Services

Fitness Parties
Fitness Party classes offer the perfect way to recharge your employees! Take advantage of a private fitness class at your location or at The Alaska Club. Whether it’s Yoga, Group Power, Group Cycle or Pilates your employees are sure to have fun with a great team building event for all fitness levels.

Fitness Challenges
Motivate your employees with a Fitness Challenge! Designed for any age or ability to compete, a Fitness Challenge uses points to track progress and inspire employees to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Fitness Seminars
Empower your employees to make healthy choices with educational and personalized information provided by a fitness professional at The Alaska Club. Featured topics include: how to reduce stress, achieving health and fitness goals, proper hydration and nutrition.

Wellness Fairs
The Alaska Club specializes in providing information on health and wellness. Does your company put on a wellness fair? If so, we would love to be a part of making your event a success.