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Digital Advertising

Increase brand awareness, reach customers and boost sales

Digital Advertising examples

A Prime Audience:

Member Demographics

Annual income:*

  • 8% <$25,000,
  • 14% $25-49,000
  • 16% $50-75,000
  • 62% >$75,000

Membership by generation:**

  • 1% <18 years,
  • 31% 18-35 years (Millennials)
  • 33% 36-50 years (Gen X)
  • 33% 51-69 years (Baby Boomers)
  • 4% 70+ years

*Source: 2016 AccuData Report. **Source: 2016 The Alaska Club Membership Data

online ad

Flexible Format Options

  • Video ads (no sound)
  • 15 second limit formats
  • Multiple static ads (1280x768 pixels, limit 3 slides)



Our new Reach digital advertising platform is top in the industry, providing a state-of-the-art digital advertising solution for your business.

28 digital 52" screens in high-traffic areas at The Alaska Club East, South, Summit, West, Club for Women, Downtown, Studio (formerly Jewel Lake), Eagle River, Wasilla, Fairbanks South, and West, and Juneau Valley and Downtown.

Statewide ads receive over 10,000 viewers per day and 3.6 million views per year!


Tailor Your Ad to Your Brand

Build your own ad or let us create one for you for $25


Get a bonus month on all packages of 3 months or more, an additional 10% off these rates:

Weekly Rate
Monthly Rate

Save 5%

3-Month Rate

Save 10%

6-Month Rate

Save 15%

Annual Rate

Save 20%


(14 locations)

$135 $128/week $122/week $115/week $108/week
Anchorage Only

(10 locations)

$105 $100/week $95/week $90/week $84/week
Single Club
$20 $19/week $18/week $17/week $16/week
Partnership 10%/week



Call the Marketing Department at (907) 264-2739 or fill out the contact form below to place an ad or with questions.