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Pop Up Group Fitness Classes

New Each Month - Free To All Members

Our one-time classes will turn up the heat in your fitness program.


Sport Step
Friday, January 24, 31  |  4:45-5:45pm
@ Wasilla Group Fitness Studio
Basic athletic cardio training using a step bench. This is not your mama’s step class! Instructor: Deno B
Card #4141 January Pop Up Classes 2020 Yoga Stretch
Yoga Stretch
Friday, January 24   |  10:35-11:35am
@ Wasilla Group Fitness Studio

Yoga practice with an emphasis on flexibility and relaxation.  Instructor: Deno B.



Barre Above - Pop Up Class
Barre Above
Friday, January  31  |  10:35-11:45am 
@ Wasilla Group Fitness Studio

Muscles. Will. Quiver! Shed your shoes and join us for this challenging workout of high-rep, small range of motion exercises designed for focused muscle training. Workouts include light weights, bodyweight, ball and barre work. Instructor: Bronwen H.

Rookie Rider - Pop Up Class
Rookie Rider: Intro to Cycle
Tuesday, January 21 & 28  |   6:15-7:00pm 
@ Eagle RiverCycle Studio
Instructor: Janet W.
Learn the FUNdamentals of group cycling. This intro class will give you a smart start and show you everything you need to know to rock your ride.



Group Fitness - Pop Up Class
Group Fitness Sampler  
Sunday, January 26  |  2:00-3:00pm
@ South Studio 1
 Saturday, January 25  |  1:00-2:00pm 
@ West Group Fitness Studio

Sunday, January 26  |  1:00-2:00pm
@ Wasilla Group Fitness Studio
Monday, January 27  |  12:10-1:10pm
@ East Group Fitness Studio
Join us for a fun mashup of segments from Group Blast, Group Power and Group Active and taste a sample of what our Mossa Group classes are all about.
Instructor: Staff