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Pop Up Group Fitness Classes


Our one-time classes will turn up the heat in your fitness program.


Card #3659 April Pop Up Classes 2019 front 01
Wednesday, Apr. 3 and 10, 5:30-6:30pm, Instructor Chris C.
East Group Fitness Studio
Practice includes mat exercises to strengthen and lengthen muscles with a focus on core conditioning. All levels are welcome.

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Sunday, Apr. 7, 9:30-10:30am, Instructor Steve D.
South Studio 2
Get it all in one workout: cardio, strength and core. BRING IT!

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Sunday, Apr. 7, 10:30-11:30am, Instructor Anne B.
South Cycle Studio
In this fun fusion class, you'll first work up a sweat by biking to the beat of the music, followed by some muscle-quivering barre work using the bike as your prop.

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Friday, Apr. 12 and 26, Noon-1pm, Instructor Johnny K.
East Pool
This high-energy, low-impact workout blends the fun of Zumba with water resistance for one pool party you shouldn't miss. Just add water and shake!

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Saturday, Apr. 13, 11am, Instructor Stacey L.
Thursday, Apr. 25, 12:10pm, Instructor Lori G.
West Cycle Studio
This short guided test will establish your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) number which you can program into the cycle console before each ride for the most accurate power reading during your workout.
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Saturday, Apr. 20, 1-2pm, Instructor Kaci G.
Friday, Apr. 26, 11:15am-12:15pm, Instructor Kaci G.
Wasilla Group Fitness Studio
This class incorporates yoga and Pilates fundamentals with athletic training for balance, mobility, flexibility and the core.

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Wednesday, Apr. 17, 4:45-5:40pm, Instructor Bronwen H.
Wednesday, Apr. 24, 4:45-5:40pm, Instructor Bronwen H.
Wasilla Group Fitness Studio
Kick it up a notch in Strong by Zumba! The music is specfically desgiend to drive the intensity for a challenging progression that provides a HIIT-style total body workout using only your body weight.