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Indoor Group Cycling Spin Classes
At The Alaska Club

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Class Descriptions & Previews

This 30-minute cycle workout is a time-efficient high calorie burn. Get in, get out, get on with your life.

This workout offers a more technical approach to group cycle but is fueled by fun and motivating music. Our experienced coaches will take you through a series of strategically planned training drills using power, speed and heart rate.

What is it?

R30 will get you fitter and feeling better in only 30 minutes. It’s a cardio
workout that is as easy as riding a bike. Inspiring music and motivating
coaching will get you to burn calories, improve muscular endurance, and
build cardio fitness as you ride with surges, short intervals, power, and end

Group Ride is a huge calorie burner that builds great-looking legs! It’s a
60-minute cycling experience brought indoors. Roll over hills, chase the
pack, spin the flats, climb mountains, and sprint to the finish! Feel the thrill
of energetic music and group dynamics as you get all the benefits of
authentic interval training. RIDE ON!

What Will I Do?

R30 is your 30-minute cardio workout. Music will make the time fly, and you
will feel great working up a sweat! Ride at three main levels of speed, with
the ability to increase or decrease the intensity of your own workout.
Everything about the bike is adjustable, so R30 can be geared toward your
personal level of fitness. The workout consists of 7 different tracks, each
with its own energetic song and specific objective:


  • 1. Warm-Up – Your workout on the bike begins with the start of fun,
    familiar music. The comfortable pace of this track gets the legs moving
    and warms the body. Prepare yourself for 30 minutes of fitness!


  • 2. Surge – Sweat starts here! Rise to the challenge with this high-energy
    song. The resistance starts to increase, the legs begin to move faster,
    and the heart rate surges higher. Feel the intensity!


  • 3. Endurance – Shift into a harder gear. The pace comes down as the
    workout focuses on building strength and burning calories. The high
    resistance guarantees results for your legs. Feel the heat!

  • 4. Short Intervals – Work hard, and then pull back. Quick bursts of
    intensity are each followed by a period of active recovery. These
    intervals will drastically improve your cardio fitness. Each short
    challenge is a chance to go for it!


  • 5. Power – Push harder at your highest resistance of the day. A strong climb
    will build stronger legs. Rock out and pedal hard as you feel the power!


  • 6. Rush – Chase down an energy rush as you reach the peak of this
    cardio workout. This is the time to give it all the speed you’ve got! When
    you make the final sprint in R30, EVERYONE FINISHES FIRST!


  • 7. Recover – Reward your body with the recovery it needs. Steady the
    heart rate and stretch. Your 30 minutes of fitness are done!

The “Ride” consists of ten tracks that make use of different terrains,
speeds, and intensity levels to create a fun and highly effective
interval-based cardiovascular workout. You will train a variety of speeds,
resistance levels, and cycling positions that are all based on cycling
principles. The speeds are controlled to ensure that everyone can “keep
up.” As your fitness level and your confidence increase, you can crank up
the resistance to challenge yourself even more. The ten tracks have a
specific training objective:


  • 1. Ride – We jump on our bikes and begin the ride! Music kicks in, a few
    hellos to your neighbors, legs start turning over, and your body starts to
    get warm as you run through the cycling positions and techniques that
    will be used during the hour.


  • 2. Terrain – The intensity begins to increase, and the workout feels like it
    really gets started. Sometimes the terrain is flat, sometimes it’s hilly, or
    maybe a mix of both, but it’s always an exciting ride.


  • 3. Roll – The pace comes down but the intensity does not. Rolling hills
    keep the physical intensity of the ride rising, while turning the workout
    feel toward strength-training.


  • 4. Intervals – Repeated working sections, with quick recoveries between, push you toward higher intensity to increase your endurance.


  • 5. Chase – Get in the race, get out of breath, and challenge your fitness!
    The first physical peak of the workout improves your endurance by
    motivating you to break away from the pack.


  • 6. Spin – An opportunity to pull back the intensity and gather yourself, but also an opportunity to pick up the pace if you want to train endurance with smooth, quick pedaling. This is the calm after one storm and before the next one.


  • 7. Climb – The road turns upward. The feel returns to strength. You'll notice the results in your legs from the heaviest resistance of the workout, as you challenge yourself to reach the top of a mountain peak.

  • 8. Sprint – With just four minutes of work left, you'll empty your tank in a race to the finish line. You'll finish this energetic sprint feeling spent
    but exhilarated.


  • 9. Celebrate – You'll feel a sense of accomplishment as you look back on
    your workout while you take an easy spin to cool down from a great ride.


  • 10. Stretch – Wrap up your recovery and relax from your ride with some stress reversal for your muscles to make sure you'll walk as tall as you feel.

Is It For Me?

R30 is for everyone! You can make the most out of R30, no matter whether
you are just starting an exercise program or have been racing bikes for
years. R30 is only 30 minutes, and the format is easy to follow. Since the
bike is completely adjustable, you are in control. R30 is perfect for:

• Those short on time that need a complete cardio workout in 30 minutes

• Men and women of any age who are new to exercise or have not

exercised in a long time

• Anyone who wants to burn calories, lose weight, or just be fitter

• Everyone who can ride a stationary bike

• Strength-training junkies that need to add cardio to their routine

• Athletes looking to cross train

• Cyclists

If you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, burn fat,
shape and strengthen your lower body, and have fun doing it, then Group
Ride is for you. Group Ride attracts people with all different levels of
exercise experience, fitness, and exercise goals because you control the
intensity of your workout by adjusting your own bike during class. Group
Ride is ideal for:

• Men and women, conditioned or deconditioned exercisers, and those
with or without cycling experience

• New exercisers looking for simplicity and the ability to work as hard as
they want

• Avid cyclists looking for an indoor, off-season, or bad-weather-day
cycling option

• Anyone looking to add variety to their workout

• Anyone looking for a low-impact option to build cardiovascular fitness

About Our Cycle Classes

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How to Get Started with Group Cycle

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