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KIDS-title (1)Camps

    At The Alaska Club

KIDS-title (1)Camps

    At The Alaska Club

KIDS-title (1) Camps

    At The Alaska Club

KIDS-title (1)Camps

    At The Alaska Club

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The Alaska Club aims to keep our campers active and having fun!

At camp, we explore, play, and grow. Every day features a variety of hands-on, age-appropriate activities where everyone has the opportunity to experience sports, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, and daily swimming. 

All our camps are open to members and non-members. Single-day and full-week pricing options are available. DCA is accepted at our East and Fairbanks camps. 

Registration for Summer Fun Camp is OPEN!

Register Today

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Single-Day Pricing


Standard Hours: 9 am-4 pm
$65 members / $75 nonmembers

Extended Hours: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
$80 members / $90 nonmembers

Weekly Pricing



Standard Hours: 9 am-4 pm
$250 members / $275 nonmembers

Extended Hours: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
$310 members / $335 nonmembers   


Why Choose The Alaska Club Kids Camps

Camp Councelor IconExperienced Counselors
Many of our counselors are teachers or work in child care full time.

Camp swimming IconSwimming
Daily swims under excellent supervision.

Camp hours IconFlexible Hours
Flexible Check-in & Affordable Extended Camp

Camp Safety IconSafety
The most up to date precautions as directed by the state and local governance.

Camp activities IconHands-on activities
Seasonal crafts and projects.

Camp Awards IconAward Winning
Awarded Best Of Alaska Camp 4 years running


At The Alaska Club, we love to have fun! 

Schedules That Fit Your Needs
Every family will have different needs and our camps will be able to accommodate everyone with single-day, full-week, and extended care options.

Enrichment Opportunities
Activities such as Art, PE, and outdoor exploration will be available to complement your child’s day.

Arts, crafts, outdoor activities, and much more!

Your kids will have fun, get their energy out and build memorable friendships


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About Youth Kids Camps & Resources

The Alaska Club Camps offer fun for kids ages 5-12, allowing them to explore, play and grow all summer long. Each camp focuses on a specific theme designed to expand their imagination and creative nature. Each day features a variety of hands-on, age-appropriate activities where everyone has the opportunity to experience sports, arts and crafts, outdoor activities and daily swimming..

Questions about camp?

Email us at summerfuncamp@thealaskaclub.com


Questions about age restrictions, prorated prices, single day camp, lunches, before/after care, parking, DCA, documentation or more? Find answers below.

Q: What are the age restrictions for camp?

A: Our Fun Camps welcome children ages 5-12 years old. Campers must have attended school during the current school year.

Q: Do The Alaska Club prorate per day?

A: The weekly prices for Fun Camp are set, even if your child is not in attendance all 5 days of the week. Single day registrations are available at The Alaska Clubs South, Eagle River and Fairbanks South.

Q: Can my child go to more than one camp each week?

A: We understand that you may want your child to enjoy as much of The Alaska Club’s Fun Camps as possible. You can alternate between camps by registering at a different club each week, but we are not able to allow attendance at two different camps in the same week at this time.

Q: Does The Alaska Club provide lunches?

A: We ask that parents provide two snacks and lunch daily that are labeled with your child’s name and date.

Q: What if my child forgot their lunch?

A: Oh no! Did you miss your child’s lunch and two snacks this morning? Don’t worry! A healthy meal will be provided to your child. $10 payment will be due at the end of the day or automatically charged to your card on file.

Q: What are the hours for before/after care and how much is it?

A: We offer extended child care hours throughout the week for your convenience. The Alaska Club East, Eagle River, South and Wasilla offer Before Care from 7:30am-9am and After Care from 4pm-5:30pm for $30 each, per week (can be purchased separately). Fairbanks South offers Extended Care from 7:30am-9am and 4pm-5:30pm for $60 per week.

Q: Where do I drop my child off?

A: Need directions? See below for your Summer Fun Camp location:

South – Summer Fun Camp is located at the O’Malley Sports Center in the first Court to your right (same building as Get Air)
East – Drive to the northeast rear part of the building. The entrance is marked
Eagle River – Enter into The Alaska Club and head down the main walkway to the Party Room on the left across from the Pool.

Q: If I am a Member at The Alaska Club, can I charge the deposit to my account?

A: We ask that you provide the deposit with a credit card that you’ll have on file.

Q: What is required payment at time of registration?

A: We ask the equivalent of your Camper’s 1st week at the time of Registration. You are more than welcome to pay more if you’d like to.

Q: How do I qualify for the member discount?

A: In order to receive the Member discount, your child must be listed on the account. (Nonmember swim/camp does not apply)

Q: What do I do if a couple wants to pay separately?

A: Not a problem! Each parent can create their own account with their child and enroll in the specific weeks they'll pay for. For more info, contact our Reservation Specialists at (907)365-7393 to set it up.

Q: How does DCA work?

A: Being licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services, The Alaska Club accepts Day Care Assistance. A Day Care Authorization must be submitted or received by FAX before your child is able to attend Camp. Please refer to our packet or reach out to your Day Care Assistance case worker for more information.

Q: What is the camp fax #?

A: Need to fax something over to us? Our fax number is 907-337-5865

Q: What documentation is required to attend camp?

A: All online forms are completed during the registration process. Any required documentation can be uploaded after registration is completed and must be submitted before the first day of camp. The documentation can also be emailed or faxed. The Alaska Clubs East and Wasilla require the most recent physical exam and immunization records. The Alaska Club Fairbanks South requires the most recent immunization record.

Q: What if my child attended a camp earlier this year?

A: We are so glad your child attended our Fun Camp! We're able to search our archives from camps attended in 2018 and upload any documentation.

Q: What is the child-to-counselor ratio?

A: Creating a fun and safe environment is our number one priority in Fun Camp! We keep a 1:10 ratio of counselors to campers. They’ll be divided up between appropriate age groups on their first day of camp for maximum fun!

Q: Does my child need to know how to swim?

A: Although our Campers will be swimming daily at our Fun Camps, it’s not a problem if your child can’t keep swim. We will assess each child’s swim skills on the first day of camp each week.

Q: Do you provide life jackets during swimming?

A: We provide life jackets to campers who request them at our East and Fairbanks South camps, which have deep ends. Campers are welcome to bring their own life jackets to any of the camps.


Do you need more specifics? Feel free to call our Reservation Specialists at (907)365-7393.

About Camp Activities

Each day campers start off with group circle time so that they can learn about the day's activities, meet other campers and be advised of the rules.  Campers will get creative and sometimes even a little dirty with the day's arts and crafts project. One of the most favorite activities is pool time, typically from 1:00-3:00 pm daily! We always offer some form of organized skill-building game or activity, as well as a group fitness class for kids - like yoga, dodge ball, and Zumba. It's our goal to keep your kids engaged, active and having fun! All of our activities are age-appropriate, as safety is our first priority!


Summer Fun Camp sports and fitness Summer Fun Camp superheroes Summer Fun Camp outdoor adventures Summer Fun Camp watermania

Our Camp Counselors

Our caring, creative, energetic staff bring fun to every camp. They're CPR certified and the majority are teachers from around the community. They're excited to get messy, inspire ideas, try new things and get moving with your kids.  

Meet Our Camp Counselors

Day Care Assitance*

We accept DCA: click here for the State of Alaska DCA information page for more details and to apply. 

*If DCA authorization is not submitted with the packet, parent(s) or guardian(s) are required to pay the amount in full and a credit will be applied to account upon receipt of the authorization form. DCA payments are received monthly. Any balance left after DCA payment must be paid in full before a child will be allowed to continue in camp. (We charge a flat rate per week. We DO NOT pro-rate the weeks if your child is not in attendance all 5 days. DCA will not pay for days a child does not attend) If you have questions, call the Camp Hotline @ 907-365-7393 or callcenter@thealaskaclub.com

*Daycare assistance accepted at East, Wasilla, and Fairbanks South.

Our team is prepared for the camps to be safe and clean.  

  • Please drop off your child and check them in with one of our camp counselors. 

  • No parents, adults or guests are allowed into camp. If you need to reach your child, please use the camp phone
  • Campers will be separated into smaller groups of a maximum of 10 with a camp counselor assigned to the group. We will keep the group and counselor the same each week.
    • These groups will be maintained for all activities – including lunch, pool time, etc.


  • We try to go outside every day, please bring weather-appropriate gear such as rain boots, jackets, hat, and gloves
  • A change of clothes
  • Lunch and 2 snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Swimsuit
  • Medicine in a clearly labeled container with your child’s name and dosage listed
  • Do not bring toys, electronic devices (including cell phones), cards, or any other personal item
  • A parent needs to come into the building and make sure to bring ID in case asked to verify who is picking the child up.

  • Please talk to your child ahead of time about these important safety measures
  • Hand washing
  • Social distancing
  • Staying home if you or your child is sick
  • Be patient and flexible while adjust to changing state and city guidelines
  • Our staff is critical to our success and we have equipped them with the training and tools to provide a safe environment for them and all our members


Day Care Assistance

Day Care Assistance
The Alaska Club is happy to accept Day Care Assistance (DCA) at our East Anchorage and South Fairbanks clubs. Any balance remaining after DCA payment must be paid in full before a child will be allowed to attend camp. We charge a flat rate per week and do not pro-rate the weeks if your child is not in attendance all 5 days. Read below for details, or call 907-365-7393.

New to DCA?
Click here for the State of Alaska DCA information page and to apply: Information for Families (alaska.gov)

Waiting on your DCA authorization?
While awaiting approval, you can still sign up for camp! Click here to register and pay your deposit, or call 907-365-7393. Once you receive your DCA authorization, email it to summerfuncamp@thealaskaclub.com and we will refund your deposit and/or the amount covered by DCA.

Already received DCA authorization?
Send your authorization to summerfuncamp@thealaskaclub.com and click here to create an online profile, then call 907-365-7393 to register.


2021 Camp Handbook Anchorage & Eagle River
Fairbanks Handbook