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The Alaska Club Personal Training
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"If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus; and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them."-- Bruce Lee

Meet Our Personal Trainers


PT Manager: Kori Stover (907) 330-0195

South / The Summit

PT Manager: Carmen Jacobson (907) 365-7311

West / Club For Women / Downtown

PT Manager: Carmen Jacobson (907) 365-7311

Eagle River

PT Manager: (907) 365-7335


PT Manager: (907) 864-7117


PT Manger: June Dewese (907) 458-1749


PT Manager: Norma Earles (907) 364-4352

  • The Alaska Club Personal Trainer
  • The Alaska Club Personal Trainer
  • The Alaska Club Personal Trainer
  • The Alaska Club Personal Trainer
  • The Alaska Club Personal Trainer
Benefit from instruction on proper exercise selection and technique by working with one of our personal trainers who can develop the right program for you. Our trainers are classified into three experience levels.


Advanced $

National certification and less than a year of experience.

Expert $$

A degree and/or national certification plus two or more years of experience.


For more information on PT certification, contact David Matthys, Network Personal Training Director at 907-330-0193 or dmatthys@thealaskaclub.com


By working with a trainer, you give yourself a greater chance of success in your quest for fat loss, muscle gain and overall health improvement. Choose your trainer by location with the links on the bottom.


Fitness Consultations   Request a FREE Fitness Consultation

Fitness Consultations are a great way to design a customized plan of action that will produce results. Maximize your results and accomplish your goals by meeting with a Fitness Consultant today.


Personal Trainer  Request a Personal Trainer

If your goals include economizing your workout time, improving posture, injury rehabilitation, improving flexibility, improving cardiovascular fitness, improving motivation, relieving stress, toning, improving strength, gaining or losing weight, strengthening bones, sport-specific training, or anything else, your workout could be improved with the help of a Personal Trainer.


Academy  Register for Personal Training Academy

Want to become a certified personal trainer? Flexible schedules, competitive wages, ongoing education opportunities/ CEU's and complimentary The Alaska Club membership.

June 6th - August 8th (9 weeks)
6:30-8:30pm, Mondays and Thursday
$275 for Members or $325 for Nonmembers
The Alaska Club East (5201 E. Tudor Rd)

Nutrition  Nutrition

For more information about Nutrition, contact Janet Warner at