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Group Fitness The Alaska Club


At The Alaska Club we are commited to providing our members with access, tools and support that make fitness an easy and enjoyable part of a healthy lifestyle.

Welcome to the Club

Let us help you maximize your membership with these new member programs and classes. Click here for more information.

Class Descriptions

Check out our wide range of Group Fitness classes, available to members for free. Click here to see our classes in action.

Getting Started with Group Fitness

Group Fitness classes are fun, free and motivating. Not sure when or where to start? The classes update the music and choreography every three weeks so workouts are always fresh for everyone!

Click here for the Group Fitness Schedule for the club nearest you.

Family FITConnect

Learn how your 10-13 year old children can workout with you. Contact your ExpressWay staff or send us an email here for more information.

Fitness Tools

Click here for helpful online resources to help make fitness an easy and enjoyable lifestyle!

Meet Our Fitness Directors

The Alaska Club Fitness Directors are people who share a passion for fitness and the desire to help you and others enjoy exercising and healthy activities.