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This virtual workout platform is FREE to all members of The Alaska Club. It is designed to bring you an enhanced participant experience,  TAConnect provides expert instruction and immersive on-demand and live classes whenever and wherever!


The Alaska Club Members

TAConnect is included and available to all The Alaska Club members as part of your current membership. One more amazing benefit of your membership!


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Non Members

We're been humbled and delighted to play a part in keeping our community active and healthy by offering virtual classes not only to our members, but their friends and families both far and wide. Our virtual platform will allow everyone to continue to work out with us via a TAConnect account.   If you’re currently not a member of The Alaska Club, but would like to sign-up for TAConnect, you’ll get 7 DAYS FOR FREE!

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Please email us at groupfitness@thealaskaclub.com

Featured Videos

Featured Videos

TAConnect will bring you NEW workout videos each month. From motivational fitness challenges, Yoga, to short workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime!
We bring the energy all day, every day on TAConnect!


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New Streaming & On Demand Releases


Pilates for Runners & Skiers

We're offering two 30-minute Pilates workouts specifically designed to enhance core strength and balance for those that run or ski.

Stream Now (Session 1)

Stream Now (Session 2)


Strength Training for Runners & Skiers

This 25-minute strength workout specifically targets muscles of the hips and core to help keep you strong for your running and skiing workouts.

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Range of Motion Training for Runners & Skiers

Join Alec Kay to learn more about range of motion training to enhance your performance in running and skiing events.

Stream Now


Gentle Flow Yoga

Show your body some TLC with these two 30-minute gentle yoga flow practices led by Chelsea.

Stream Now (Session 1)
Stream Now (Session 2)



Foam Rolling for Runners & Skiers

Alec Kay offers foam rolling techniques for muscles prone to extra tightness due to running or skiing.

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January 22 Challenge

Participate in 22 or more classes on TAConnect in the month of January and be entered to win a $100 gift card to Alaska Fitness Equipment. Yeah, we know that’s a lot of classes, but we also know you can do it and we offer a wide variety of workouts to keep your program well balanced.  Join the challenge via our club app and manually log your workouts as TAConnect Virtual Class. 

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Helpful Tips

Schedule A Class
Two ways

  1. Visit Book Your Class >  Find a class you would like to book and select Book
  2. Classes can also be booked by visiting the Schedule > Find and select a class > Book class by selecting your desired date & time

View Your Classes

            A confirmation email is sent upon booking a class and a reminder email is sent with details about your class  30 minutes prior to the class start time.

Cancel A Class

  • Classes can also be canceled by going to My Bookings and selecting Cancel

Join A Live Class
Two Ways

  1. Follow the link in your confirmation and or reminder email
  2. Navigate to My Account and select My Bookings > Find your class and select Join
  •  If you hit the join now button within 5 minutes of the class start time you will be directly logged into the streaming class. 
  • If you hit the join now button before the 5 minutes to the class start time you will see a count-down clock. 
  • When that countdown clock gets to 5 minutes or less, refresh the page to get linked into the class.

If you're unable to schedule a class or have additional questions, please email us at: groupfitness@thealaskaclub.com


How To Join A Virtual Class

Join A Class - Customer Portal



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to reserve a class in advance?   
Reserving in advance makes your life easier and keeps you accountable by helping you plan your workouts, but you don't have to preregister. You can hop on a live class last minute, or access one of our On Demand classes 24/7

How can I improve my streaming quality?
For the best streaming quality follow these Zoom suggestions

When are the live classes? 
We stream live classes every day, 7 days a week. Class days and times can be found on the class schedule. You can also book a class from here

How do I sign up for a free trial?
Go to Sign Up and create your account for a 7-day free trial, unlimited virtual classes, programs, pop-ups and more

Do you have additional questions?
Please email us at: groupfitness@thealaskaclub.com