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Temporary Club Closure

Based on a mandate from the State of Alaska, all clubs are closed until April 14th to reduce the impact of COVID-19. Watch for updates via email, Facebook and The Alaska Club

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Membership Dues Account Options During Closure

Online Workouts With The Alaska Club Instructors

The Alaska Club Online Workouts

Virtual Classes With The Alaska Club Instructors

Follow along with expert instructors from The Alaska Club to keep you fit and moving at home. View  available classes & check our schedule for Live Classes.

Move  - Cardio, Strength, Balance and Core training.  Simple moves and smooth transitions so we all get an effective and fun workout.

Streaming Strength - Strength training total body workout.

Pilates - Mat exercise for core strength and stability

Zumba -Dance fitness party using Latin music and moves

Strong by Zumba  -  High Intensity Interval Training with Zumba flair

Group Active -  An all in one workout:  cardio, strength training, balance, core and recovery.

Cycle - Cardio Interval workout - can be done on a bike, treadmill, rowing machine, jump rope, etc.

P90X -  Interval training using weights (optional)  and body weight

Group Power -  Strength and Movement Training using weights and body weight.

Dance Party  -Get your dance party on - variety of fitness dance styles and formats

Insanity - High Intensity Interval Training - all body weight exercises

April 8th
6 - 7 pm Zumba

April 9th

9 - 10 am Group Active
Instructor:  Becky

10:30 to 11 am  PE with Mr. Ben, featuring  Olympian Erik Bjornsen

11:15 am Cycle Intervals
Instructor:  Stacey

12:10 - 1 pm  Group Power
Instructor: Janet

April 10th

9 - 10 am Streaming Strength
Instructor:  Stacey

10:30 - 11 am   PE with Mr. Ben

April 11th

10 - 11 am Insanity
Instructors:  Steve & Tammy

11:15 am - 12:15 pm PiYo
Instructors:  Steve & Tammy

April 12th

No classes - Happy Easter

Mossa Online Classes

Free & great way to cross train from home or wherever you might be.  More Mossa options will be available soon.


TRX Workouts

Access Free Workouts Including; TRX Running, HIIT, Cycling, Flexibility, & Functional Training. *Use the code YUPVKVHVRW

Les Mills Home Workouts

Free access to 100+ workouts during the COVID-19 disruptions.