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The Alaska Club Online Workouts

Virtual Classes W/The Alaska Club Instructors

Follow along with instructors from The Alaska Club to keep you fit and moving at home. View our schedule for Streaming Classes below or work out using our Archived Classes.  The Alaska Club facilities are now open and we are offering group fitness classes.   Streaming classes will reduce as participation decreases online.  

Weekly Streaming Class Schedule

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Thursday, July 16

12:10pm - 1pm Group Power with Shelly*

4:45p - 5:45pm Barre with Brittany*
Facebook Live

6pm - 7pm  P90X with Steve & Tammy*
Facebook Live

Friday, July 17

9am - 10am  Group Active with Becky*

11am - 12pm Yoga with Xochitl*

6pm - 7pm  Core de Force with Steve & Tammy*

Saturday, July 18

10am - 11am Insanity with Steve & Tammy*
Facebook Live 

11:15am - 12:15pm PiYo with Steve & Tammy*
Facebook Live 

Sunday, July 19

10-10:50am  Group Power with Kim*

Monday, July 20

11am - 12pm Yoga with Xochitl*

Noon - 1pm PiYo with Steve & Tammy*
Facebook Live 

Tuesday, July  21

12:10pm - 1pm Group Power with Nina*

Wednesday, July 22

9am - 10am Group Active with Cathy*

11am - 12pm Yoga with Xochitl*

Wednesday, July 23

9am - 10am Group Active with Cathy*

11am - 12pm Yoga with Xochitl*

*Live class only (will not be available/archived for later viewing)


Available Classes & Descriptions

*Live class only (will not be available/archived for later viewing)

Barre With Us - Shed your shoes and join us for this challenging workout of high-rep, small range of motion exercises designed for focused muscle training. Muscles. Will Quiver!

Core De Force * - Strengthen your core and kick your metabolism into high gear in this total body MMA-style workout.

Group Active * - An all in one workout:  cardio, strength training, balance, core and recovery.

Group Power * - Strength and Movement Training using weights and body weight.

Insanity * - High Intensity Interval Training - all body weight exercises.

PiYo * - A fun fusion of Pilates and yoga, this athletic total-body workout using a constant flow of moves to build stability, strength and flexibility.

P90X * - Interval training using weights (optional)  and body weight.

Yoga -Yoga practice in a flowing presentation designed to increase muscle endurance, strength, flexibility and relaxation. All levels are welcome as consideration and modifications are given for those that need it.




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Mossa Online Classes

Free & great way to cross train from home or wherever you might be.  More Mossa options will be available soon.


TRX Workouts

Access Free Workouts Including; TRX Running, HIIT, Cycling, Flexibility, & Functional Training. *Use the code YUPVKVHVRW

Les Mills Home Workouts

Free access to 100+ workouts during the COVID-19 disruptions.


Archived Classes

Yoga Classes

Guided Meditation with David 

Sunday Open Flow with Tarah  

Joyful Flow with Cassey 

30min Feel Good Flow with Stephanie 

Yin and Yoga Nidra with Barb 

Mindful Flow with David 

Chair Yoga with Lidija 5/8  

Feel Good Flow with Stephanie 5/1  

Sunrise Yoga with David 5/6  

Meditation with David 5/2  

Chair Yoga with Lidija 5/1  

Yin / Nidra with Barb 4/30  

Gentle Flow with Andrew 4/30  


Physical Education with Ben

Last Winter Hurrah  

Ninja Training PE  

Time Travelers PE  

PE At The Beach  

PE Featuring Olympian - Sadie Bjornsen  

Star Wars PE  

PE Frozen Theme  

Harry Potter Themed PE  

PE Featuring Olympian - Erik Bjornsen  

PE In The Jungle Theme  

Video Games PE  

Space PE  

PE with Dinosaurs! Rawr!!!  


Strength & Cardio

Streaming Strength with Stacey 5/22  

Streaming Strength with Stacey 5/15  

Streaming Strength with Janet 5/11  

Homebody Fitness With Deno 5/11  

Streaming Strength with Stacey 5/1  

Homebody Fitness With Deno 4/29  


Morning Move

Morning Move with Heidi 4/30  

Morning Move with Heidi 4/23  

Morning Move with Heidi 4/21  

Move with Becky 4/7  


Pilates & Barre

Barre with Brittany 6/11  

Barre with Brittany 5/21  

Barre with Brittany 4/30  

Pilates with Stacey 4/29  

Barre with Brittany 4/28  

Pilates with Stacey 4/22  

Barre with Brittany 4/21  


Cycle Classes

Cycle with Stacey 5/20  

Cycle with Stacey 5/13  

Cycle with Stacey 4/30  

Cycle with Stacey 4/28  

Bike & Barre with Janet 4/24  

Cycle with Stacey 4/21