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Get Started with Twelve Days of Fitness!

Posted by Barbara DuBois | Dec 6, 2016 4:54:16 PM

It was one year ago almost to the day that I noticed this December Alaska Club 12-16 TAC Online Media 320x480.jpgpromotional on the marquee: “Twelve Days of Fitness for $25” and at first blush I thought, “What’s the point of that?” I drove by the club everyday thinking about this and finally, I decided to convince my couch-potato husband, John, to take advantage of it. Now really, why on earth would anybody want merely twelve days of fitness? That’s it. Twelve days. There is a logic to just twelve days for $25. It’s the no-risk option. I mean, for a non-athlete such as my husband who needed to shed a few pounds, if he didn’t like it, well, it’s only twelve days and it’s only $25. No major gamble there if a person doesn’t like it, right? I think John was nervous that the Alaska Club would be filled with glamorous looking athletic types with natural six-packs who appear as if they have nothing better to do with their time than do two hundred crunches a day and figure out the latest smoothie recipe. Or maybe there would be the type of crowd that enjoyed suffering with grueling exercises.

Imagine my surprise when this couch potato-book-worm-of-a-husband of mine packed his new sports bag with his new workout clothes and took this $25 offer quite seriously, each day, every day, for twelve days. He used it, he liked it and he even joined up for membership! I really could hardly believe this because he took to it with such a vengeance. In fact, he marched off at least five times a week to work the treadmill like a train heading down mountain tracks with burnt out brakes, huffing and puffing like a locomotive. I wrote about this very thing last year, but what I didn’t tell you then was that his doctor told him he needed to lose ten pounds due to a surgery he was facing in March. John did not lose ten pounds, He lost twenty! His surgeon was thrilled as rarely does a patient take his instructions so seriously and go beyond the call of duty.

The doc congratulated John on it, claiming his surgery was much easier, his health and recovery was better and it was a very gratifying situation all around for both patient and doctor. It didn’t stop there. John lost another ten pounds to make a total of thirty pounds lost and he has kept it off for a full year. He weighs now what he did in his twenties!

Card_#1667_November_Instagram_08.jpgI don’t need to tell you how difficult or unusual this is. Two thirds of Americans are overweight and of the people who go on a diet (notice, I didn’t say anything about lifestyle issues other than food here) fully 95% gain it back and even gain more. John did not do that. He did not change his diet at all. In fact, he still loves potato chips, pop tarts and pizza. He only changed one thing: he exercised. He didn’t try to overhaul all of his health habits. He only took on one and it started with a mere Twelve Days of Fitness. Another factor in John’s success is he had no unrealistic expectations. His only goal was to merely get started to lose the ten pounds in three months by the surgery date. Once he got into the gym every day and started a routine, he kept going. You see the real point of Twelve Days of Fitness is to just get started. In truth, a person needs three months to establish a habit, but twelve days and $25 will get you there! Consider the Twelve Days of Fitness to get a head start on your new healthy lifestyle, a permanent way to live.

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Topics: fitness, 12 Day of Fitness

Written by Barbara DuBois

MA Health Ed. & Int'l Journalism; PhD Sports & Health History; Texas Tech Univ. & Wayland Baptist Univ. instructor; Health Ed. Program Manager Maniilaq Assoc.


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