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on Jun 11, 2021 12:48:06 PM By | Bright Horizons Education Team | 0 Comments | Kids Youth Fitness family fun family fitness
Help your kids build healthy habits for the future by being physically active together. Find fun family fitness ideas to enjoy & stay healthy.
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David Norris Comes to Summer Fun Camp

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Less Screen Time, More Play Time

Just two weeks ago, I attended an education conference in New York City on learning and brain activity in youth and children. The chief concern at this conference was the preponderance of screen time, primarily cell phone usage, teachers witness among their students. While studies have not made a direct correlation to the rise of anxiety and depression seen among children and youth to electronic device habits, bullying and obesity have been positively correlated to cell phone usage by these groups. Consistent with these findings is a greater sense of social alienation found among children and teens who are now logging long hours on their electronic devices and becoming sleep-deprived in the process.
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Fun Camps – a great place for kids!

on Apr 11, 2018 3:13:58 PM By | The Alaska Club | 0 Comments | Kids Youth Fitness Kids Camp summer camp
Soon school will be out, and The Alaska Club’s Summer Fun camp will be in full swing. Have you registered your kids yet? You don’t have to be a member, Summer Fun Camp is open to the public! We offer 12 weeks of fun, and each week has a new theme: Alaska Zoo All About Sports & Fitness Water-Mania Outdoor Adventures Colossal Super Heroes Choose all 12 weeks or 1 week at a time. At The Alaska Club, it’s not only a great time for your kids, but it’s really easy to sign them up. Just go to http://www.thealaskaclub.com/camps or our The Alaska Club Kids Facebook Page and register. You can also call our reservations center at 907-356-7939.
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WNBA Star Comes Back to Alaska to Share Her Talent

on Apr 9, 2015 4:55:00 PM By | The Alaska Club | 0 Comments | Kids Youth Fitness Community
Being born and raised in Alaska is something that I am very proud of. I love that no matter where I go; I have an amazing conversation starter being from this wonderful place. Basketball has taken me to so many places and I’ve been able to share with people how wonderful Alaska is, now I would like to bring back to Alaska what worldwide basketball has taught me.
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Active is as Active Does

on Mar 5, 2015 6:00:00 PM By | Patrick Curtis | 0 Comments | Kids Youth Fitness Gym and Health Club Exercises
Recently a colleague and I pondered what things were like thirty years ago in the fitness industry and what has changed. One thing we both remarked on was the emphasis on physical fitness in schools at that time made getting people involved with fitness in general much easier. There was the very active and popular Presidential Fitness Challenge, which is happily still going, but unhappily does not receive the same focus as in the past. There were always healthy challenges to raise awareness about diseases that exercise could help prevent or reduce the risk of, such as Jump-Rope-For-Heart through the American Heart Association among others. Although many of these programs are still active they don’t carry the same weight without a dedicated daily connection to physical education. Now factor in technology, another of the greatest changes affecting most aspects of life these days, with so many diversions and distractions, and we have a tremendous challenge getting youth and their families and adults in general to turn off the electronics and tune in to exercise. So how do we do it?
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Torpedo’s Swim Team Coach Glenn Encourages While Teaching Technique

on Feb 19, 2015 11:00:00 AM By | The Alaska Club | 0 Comments | Kids Youth Fitness swimming
How is it possible that every single Tuesday and Thursday, thirty kids dominate the South pool at The Alaska Club for one-hour week? One reason, is the teaching and direction on Glenn Preston. Glenn has been a coach for The Alaska Club South Swim Team since 2008, but his love of swimming started long before. At the age of 8, Glenn started swimming in the pool across the street from his house. He has had a lifelong love of the water ever since.
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Anchorage Yoga Instructor - Making Fitness Fun For All Ages

on Dec 1, 2014 6:37:00 PM By | Tresa De La Cruz | 0 Comments | Kids Youth Fitness Gym and Health Club Exercises Yoga
I have one of the best jobs at The Alaska Club – I get paid to play games, be silly, and have fun with kids, while also teaching them life skills like, concentration, focus, balance, physical fitness, breathing techniques and stress relief. If you haven’t guessed it already, I am a Youth Yoga instructor for kids ages 6 – 12. Yoga classes for kids are definitely not like yoga classes for adults (and I do teach both). While adult yoga classes tend to be more serious, inwardly focused, use Sanskrit names for poses and hold poses a long time, Youth Yoga is all about playing yoga games, moving to yoga songs, and doing fun yoga poses. The kids have such a good time; they will beg to come back every week for more.
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