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The Alaska Club

TAC Board: The Alaska Club Blog

Pedal Your Way to a Better You!

How to Role Model Daily Exercise with your Kids

From Mrs. Alaska Pageant to Breast Cancer Combatant

Reframing Exercise: Picture An Investment

Itchy mouth after eating raw fruits and vegetables?

Early Risers Get the Worm!

Intermittent Fasting


Does Carbonated Water Affect Your Bone Health?

How Are Things Going?

Loving Your Heart

Have You Tried A Plant-Based Diet?

New Beginnings

What Attributes to Afternoon Brain Fog?

Winter Is Coming!

Drinks That Increase Inflammation in the Body

Why I Wear Pink Every October

HIIT The Ground Running to Help with Menopause Weight Gain


Is it Possible to Avoid Menopause Weight Gain?

Is Gluten the Cause of Belly Fat?




Having Salad Today?

How to Train for Your First Triathlon

Humor Is Really Good Medicine


How to Lose Weight without Depriving Yourself

Alaskans Have the Power to Live A Robust Life

Good Eats & A Healthy Alaskan Harvest

6 Tips on Staying Fit This Winter

Be Breast Cancer Aware as Recommended by the CDC

A Message from Olympian Kikkan Randall


Back To School, Back To Your Workout Schedule!

Above And Beyond - David Norris

KIDS EAT RIGHT. Emphasizing Health v Weight for Body-Positive Thinking

Research Shows Health Clubs Are Safer Than You Think!

The Benefits of Working Out

We've Re-opened Our Doors

The Alaska Club & Children's Lunchbox

Member Testimonial: Brian Crouse

Member Testimonial: Kathryn Pyne

Getting the most from your membership @ The Alaska Club

So I'm injured: now what?

Fitness Trends to Keep Up With in 2020

Tips for that New You Resolution

Water – The Fountain of Youth?

12 Days of Fitness

Good Health at the Holidays

Four Favorite Fall Activities

Peaks, Heights, & Pull-ups: Interview with Olympic Skier Logan Hanneman

School is back. Fall is here. Maintain a healthy mindset with exercise!

Moving for Memories: Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

David Norris Comes to Summer Fun Camp

Fishing, Running, and Sunshine: The Keys to a Successful Ski Season

Zumba in the Park

Less Screen Time, More Play Time

How I Get Ready For Mountain Running Season

Is That Boost Really Beneficial?

Exercise Gives You Endorphins

Why the Weight Room?

What's on your playlist?

Checking in on New Year's Resolutions

A letter from the Get Fit Challenge Winner

How to Get a Good Workout in Bad Weather

Beating the Burnout

Twelve days could change it all

Don’t count on fad diets for long term weight loss

Gobble Gobble Grovel

Go on Autopilot

Exercise as an elixir to disease

Combating the Change of Seasons

A Decade of Group Power

You Can’t Run From an Injury

5 Simple Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling

Journal the Journey

Membership Options Fit For Your Lifestyle

Finding Balance During the Summer Months

Why US Olympian Sadie Bjornsen Loves Summertime & The Alaska Club?

Three Exercises That Balance Your Fitness Routine With Your Busy Life

A Magical Spring

Can Someone Tell Me What Clean Eating Is?

Top Tips for Stretching—Why & How

Fun Camps – a great place for kids!

Triathlon Training: Striking a Balance

Keeping it cool on the trail

Spring Into Action

We are the champions, my friend

Getting to the Heart of Heart Health

A Survey of Weight Loss Diets

New Year Resolution: Ditch the Fitness Resolutions

Why You Need to Drink a Ho Ho Ho ‘Lotta Water


Workey For That Turkey

Ruth & Samantha Set Out On a Journey to Change Their Lives

Winter is Coming!

Healthy Eating Tips

Too Much or Not Enough?

Rise and Grind

Cooking Up Energy: Food for Before & After Workouts

You Flow Girl! (And Gentlemen)

Compound Strength Movements for Enhanced Results

The Bear Facts on Healthy Living

Cross Train for Spring

Gear Up For Goals

Irish You’d Eat More Greens

Good Friends are Good for your Health

Coffee Health Benefits: Energy Booster & So Much More

Guilt Free Super Bowl

We Heart Health

A Super You Starts with a Super Diet

7 Reasons to Take a Women's Self Defense Class 

Shake off "Auld Lang-xiety"

Winter Fun Camp - A Great Place for Kids When Schools Out!

Get Started with Twelve Days of Fitness!

How to Cure The Winter Blues

Why Wearables Alone Won’t Help Shed Pounds

You "Otter" Be Swimming!

What Makes a Champ: Sadie Bjornsen

When #SquadGoals meet #SquatGoals

Breakfast of Champions: Fuel for your own Olympic workouts

Spice It Up With Herbs

10 Men’s Health Tips

Yoga In The Park & WNBA Star Kelsey Griffin

Allergy Season is Upon Us

Zumba instructor with Down syndrome wows

Family & Fitness Go Together Like Birds of a Feather

Fabulous Mom's Day Giveaway

Get Started Today On Your Road to Fitness

Spring into Running by Training at The Club

Olympic skier Randall maintains fitness, anticipates future

The Alaska Club – A Favorite Gym of Alaskans!

ALS Fundraisers

Nutrition: work with your body, not against it!

Is Heart Disease Preventable?

The Alaska Club Celebrates 30 Years of Health & Fitness

Marching to the Beat of Your Own…Heart

Are You Eating Enough Fiber?

In The News: New Eagle River Pool & Splash Park

Osteoarthritis: How to Keep Your Joints Healthy

Resolve to Free Your Mind in 2016

Healthy Holiday Eating Starts Now

12 Days of Fitness at The Alaska Club

Try Synrgy360 For A Total-Body Workout

3 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

Beating the Winter Blues- Yoga Style

New Aqua Fitness is Waves of Fun!

Clean Eating Halloween Treats

Insanity at The Alaska Club – Energy Breeds Energy

The Alaska Club fundraises for Cancer Connection

My Weight Loss – What I Gained

Simplify and Build from the Basics

"...where Alaskans workout..."

Do you need sports drinks?

Spa Experiences from Germany

Thank you from Yoga In The Park

The Balancing Act

Triathlete Shares: Running, Biking, Swimming... The Balance of Trinity

Members Compete in International Senior Games

A New Pool & Splash Park at The Alaska Club Eagle River

Fun Fit Family Giveaway

Remembering a Beloved Cyclist!

Share the Buzz About Yoga In The Park – It’s Way Fun!

Cross-Training Concepts for Summer in Alaska

Is Your Gut Healthy?

Endless Day Giveaway

Techniques for Managing Back Pain

What to Expect When You Walk Into A Spin Class

Energy Bars – which ones to choose?


World's Greatest Mom Giveaway

Plyometrics: Get Your Jump On!

Alaska Business Monthly: The Alaska Club

Mechanics of the Core

The Biggest Mover Challenge

Frequent Sauna Use Contributes to Good Heart Health

Good for the Earth, Good for your Body Giveaway

Add Intervals to Break-up and Boost-up Your Results

Re-learning a healthy diet

A Word on Motivation

WNBA Star Comes Back to Alaska to Share Her Talent

Why Motivation Stops Working

The Power of Compassion: Lessons from an Alaska steam room...

One The Alaska Club Member’s Inspiring Fitness Journey

Making Sense of Nutritional Basics

Fitness Friday! Healthy Eating Tips

Katie Fletcher: Junior Bodybuilder & Her Journey to the Crystal Cup

Choose an Event for Specific Goal Achievement

Train Your Body For Everyday

Is there an increase in protein need if you exercise?

Active is as Active Does

A Word On Water

P90X Live ALS Fundraiser a Success

Biggest Loser's Ali Vincent Comes to Anchorage

Our Swimming Coach - Glenn Preston

Lean & Mean Turkey Meatballs

Enter to Win Our Happy Heart, Healthy Life Giveaway

Variety as Fuel for Success

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