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I Tried It: Les Mills Strength Development

Posted by Tracy Dumas | Jan 22, 2024 10:45:34 AM

The new year is the perfect time to try new adventures. When The Alaska Club added Les Mills Strength Development class to its Group Fitness schedule, I decided to add it to my weekly routine. Motivating instructor? Check (shout out to you, Hannah!). Early morning class to kick start my day? Check. Working my muscles in a new and challenging way? Check. Curious if Strength Development is right for you? Whether you’re a regular lifter or just starting out, this 45-minute functional strength training class will push you to the next level.

Set up is the same as prepping for a Group Power class. You’ll need a step with risers, a bar, clips, and a good variety of weights. When I tried it, I chose the same weights that I typically use for a Power class, leaning on the heavier side. The format is heavier weight and fewer reps. However, it’s a progressive workout so you can start lighter and add on if your first round wasn’t challenging enough. Or, if you overestimated your ability on the first round, you could easily peel off some weight from your bar, or just use plates and no bar. Like Group Power, you are in charge of your workout according to your ability and how you’re feeling that day. In my class, Hannah was great at offering alternatives to the moves in the program with a reminder to ‘listen to your body.’ I took advantage of that sage advice when we were in the final set of pushups. When my arms got sore and I realized my form wasn’t ideal, I opted for her suggestion to hold a plank instead. The beauty of this workout is that it builds on the last one to slowly increase your strength and keep you coming back.

If you’re a regular to Group Power, you might find that Strength Development allows you to lift heavier while moving slower to really focus on your strength gains. Strength Development has a vibe where you move at your own pace. As the class ended, I asked those around me what they thought and most said they liked it and would try it again. I know I’ll be there and look forward to seeing what the rest of the Strength Development series adds to my progress in 2024. I hope you’ll join me and try this new class! Find it on the Group Fitness Class Schedule at www.thealaskaclub.com/schedules.


Written by Tracy Dumas, TAC Director of Marketing & PR


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Written by Tracy Dumas

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