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7 Reasons to Take a Women's Self Defense Class

Posted by Ellie Gottstein | Jan 4, 2017 12:39:00 PM

7 Reasons to Take a Women's Self Defense Class


Here are 7 reasons why self-defense classes are more important than you might realize.

1) Crime can happen to anyone at any time. Whether you want to believe it or not, crime can happen to anyone. We cannot prevent it, but the key is to be prepared if the occasion arises. At some point in your life as a woman you might find yourself in a situation that requires self-defense knowledge to stay safe. Most likely, it will come from the one you least expected. The key is being prepared and knowing that if the situation arises, that you are equipped to handle the situation and get to safety.

2) Prevention. One of the most important aspects of a self-defense class is learning to be aware of your surroundings and prevent an incident before it can potentially happen. Learning to spot the signs and pay attention to that gut feeling when something is wrong can prevent an incident, and also make you more prepared if the situation happens to escalate. It is always better to be prepared than to be caught off guard.

3) Be the role model for the next generation. We tell our daughters they can be anything they want. How about safe and strong? How do we show them how to protect themselves if we don't set the example of being strong and standing up for ourselves by being able to defend ourselves? If we continue to move in silence about the things that happen to us how are we going to help our daughters become stronger and show our sons what is and is not acceptable behavior from a male? We need to stand up and stay strong, for future generations.

4) Become Empowered. So many women come into class timid and unsure of what they will learn, they emerge as determined, strong, empowered women ready to take control of their own lives. A self-defense course can't empower you; but it can educate you in showing you the options you have to take control of your life and feel safer in your world. This leads to empowerment, you just have to take the first step.

5) This is true LIFE Insurance. We spend money to ensure our cars, our life, our jewelry, disability insurance, travel insurance, our rental property, etc., but yet we hesitate when spending money on a self-defense class that can truly SAVE our lives. Women's self-defense classes have an incredible positive impact on their participants and can greatly change lives for the better. Self-defense classes provide you with real insurance to protect your life.

6) Make it muscle memory. When we as humans are faced with a potentially threatening situation, the natural response is to go into shock. The safest way to make sure that your body knows exactly what to do is to get the hands on experience you need to know exactly what to do in a given situation. A self-defense class can give you exactly that, so that if the time arises that you need to use what you learned you are equipped to do so and get to safety.

7) Do it for those who count on you. If you won't do it for yourself and the above 6 reasons, how about for those who count on you the most - your kids, spouse, parents, siblings, whoever it may be? Be the role model that you want to be.

Take the time to take care of yourself and empower your life by taking a women's self-defense class. You just might surprise yourself with what you are capable of doing. You will find a whole new strength and outlook that will improve your life.


Join us at The Alaska Club this January at our Eagle River, Wasilla and Palmer locations with Senior Master Hughes and start the year on the right foot!

Topics: fitness, self-defense

Written by Ellie Gottstein

Contributor to The Alaska Club's marketing team and experienced pageant competitor and fitness instructor.

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