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The Fresh Face of Spring

Posted by Megan Olson | May 1, 2023 10:17:25 AM

When I read that The Alaska Club was now offering Hydrafacials, I immediately made an appointment. Though I’d never had a HydraFacial, the benefits sounded like the very things my skin needs during this time of year: rejuvenation, exfoliation and hydration. After a long winter of outdoor sports, indoor classes at The Alaska Club and slathering my face with whatever moisture I can get my hands on, my skin is weathered, dull and tired. As a busy mom of three teenagers, I rarely take time for me and only me, but having this HydraFacial was the best hour I spent all month. I have been sharing the experience with all my girlfriends and now I am excited to share it with you all, too.


I arrived for my appointment and was greeted by Roxy at the door of The West Club and taken back to her spa room devoted to this treatment. She asked me a few questions about my skin, my skincare regime, my preferences, and desired results, and then she instructed me to sit back and relax because she was going to take care of all that ails my skin. I told her I only had an hour, because of course I was squeezing this in between other appointments. She again suggested I relax…she’d get me out on time.


And relax, I did. Roxy’s gentle hands cleansed and massaged my skin and then she began using the HydraFacial wand over my entire face. If you have ever had microderm abrasion, which I have a couple of times, the machine feels a bit like that. The wand pulses water and other liquid facial treatments as it cleanses and exfoliates your skin. It does not hurt, but as it’s moving across your face you can feel its deep cleansing power and you know it’s doing so much more than just washing, it’s exfoliating and polishing. After Roxy expertly finished with the HydraFacial wand portion of the treatment, she applied a mask and then more moisture. My skin was tingling delightfully by the end, as though it had been woken up from a long winter nap.


When she told me we were finished, I looked up at the clock in her room thinking surely, I had been lying there longer than an hour. However, we were right on time, it had just felt as though I had been transported for an entire afternoon. I looked in the mirror to check if I needed to add any make up before leaving to continue with my day, and I was so surprised to see how bright and dewy my skin looked. I didn’t wear make up for days following this treatment because my “naked” skin looked fresh and rosy without any artificial aids for days.


Later in the afternoon on the day of my treatment, I saw my teenage daughter Lucy and she said, “Mom, you look pretty, what’d you do?” My biggest critic, and my most observant child, Lucy noticed the improvements in my skin right away. When I told her about my HydraFacial at The Alaska Club, she said, “Today is mom’s self-care day!”


Yes, darling, mom’s self-care day. It doesn’t happen enough, but the glow I felt for days after letting Roxy care for my ailing skin was enough to inspire me to make my next appointment.

Roxy recommends a HydraFacial monthly. It’s a routine that’s easy to maintain because the investment of time and money is minimal as compared to the benefits. I looked better and I felt great having done something lovely for myself.


I’ve asked, and hope you do too, for a HydraFacial from Roxy at The Alaska Club for Mother’s Day. What a gift it is to help that special mom in your life feel beautiful.


Book your HydraFacial at East, West, or Summit with one of our amazing estheticians, Roxy, Vanessa, or Jenn. To make an appointment, call (907) 365-7393 or visit the front desk of these locations.

Written by Megan Olson

Megan Olson moved to Alaska in 2001 and fell in love with Alaska. She is married to Brad Olson and has three amazing kids: Gus (15), Henry (14) and Lucy (12). She is an executive communication leader and served as Vice Chancellor for University Advancement UAA. Megan recently "retired" from her position at UAA to spend more time with her family. Megan enjoys running in the mountains with friends in her spare time, reading, and cooking/entertaining.

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