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Ruth & Samantha Set Out On a Journey to Change Their Lives

Posted by Tina Day | Nov 1, 2017 2:18:27 PM

We sat down recently with TAC members Ruth & Samantha, two sisters who are on a journey to change their lives. They shared with us how over the years both have struggled with losing weight and keeping it off. It’s a challenge they’re now facing head on!


This year, they had the opportunity to be cast on a TV show about changing lives within a year. Ruth and her sister Samantha were chosen as a team, and given the incredible chance to change their lives by next summer! With that goal insight, they sought out support from The Alaska Club and Personal Trainer Carlo Pastena.

Samantha tells us that she will soon be 50 and wants to be an active and healthy grandmother. She shared with us how hesitant she was of working out at a gym.

“I was really scared to join the gym because I felt like people would be judgmental, but the opposite turned out to be true.”

Her sister Ruth agreed,

“I always imagined the gym as a place of judgmental, perfectly fit people. I could have never been so wrong! The support that we’ve received from members and staff at the Alaska Club has been phenomenal!”

They say that working out together has been really encouraging.

We are doing our weight loss as a team and neither of us want to let the other person down, so if one of us is having a bad day, we work together to lift each other up. That in itself is encouragement enough to hold us accountable.”

They both love working out with their trainer Carlo. They say that in just three months, he has changed their bodies and their lives.

“We really don’t have a favorite work out with Carlo because we literally love everything we do when we work out. Both of us look forward to it and we never thought we’d be those people that love the gym.”

“We’ve learned so much and we’re getting stronger every week!  When we first started this journey we were so intimidated (terrified really) to just come in and begin, but everyone has been so supportive, that our South side Alaska Club really feels like a little family.”

Ruth talks about the hiccups they’ve had along the way, that some months are easier than others. But they try not to be too hard on themselves, as they realize this journey will have its ups and downs.

“I know it sounds cliché but I tell myself - fall down 7 times, stand up 8.”

Their advice for people wanting to get started, is don’t overthink it.  Just begin, take small steps forward and BEGIN!

We will follow Samantha and Ruth’s journey over the next year and publish updates on our website and in the newsletter. Learn more about our Personal Trainers and Carlo Pastena at thealaskaclub.com/personal-training.

We love our trainers at The Alaska Club, and we hope you do too! Share your story here to let others know how a personal training has impacted your life.  

Topics: fitness, Clean eating, weight loss

Written by Tina Day

Marketing Director of The Alaska Club, serving the Anchorage Mat-Su, Fairbanks, and Juneau area with the best gym membership deals available in a fitness club

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