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It’s Better Together.

Posted by Tracy Dumas. | Feb 2, 2023 2:11:28 PM

It’s hard not to smile back when someone shows you a friendly face or laugh uncontrollably with your bestie or partner when they’re clearly having a good time. Working out with others can bring those same reactions. Exercising with a friend can be a real motivator for those involved. Not only are you showing up for yourself, but you’re also supporting each other.

This month, The Alaska Club is celebrating 37 years of working out together. We’re proud to have been here for you over the years and plan to continue to be here for you for years to come. We encourage you to share your club by inviting a friend or family member to join you at our Open House, February 10-20. Come take a group fitness class, go for a swim, play tennis with your kids, test your strength in the weight room, or relax in the sauna.

There’s evidence to support the idea of hitting the gym with a partner. A study by researchers at the University of Aberdeen looking into whether exercising with a companion increases our output found that those who paired up with an exercise friend worked out more than those who did so alone. Specifically, results showed that the emotional social support from their new companion was most effective. Having someone to encourage you and support you through your workouts is less intimidating and more effective than going solo. I have experienced this firsthand. In January, I attended a Group Blast class and met a woman who had set up in the back row behind my step. After the class she told me she had never taken that class before but was invited by her friend, so she decided to go. I asked her what she thought of the workout, and she said she liked it and would be back. I had the same experience years ago when one of my friends invited me to a Group Power class. It’s now become my favorite way to strength train.

This month, bring a buddy to the club. Have fun, be inspired, support each other, try something new, and celebrate together, as we celebrate 37 years. We’re so thankful for your membership and for being a part of our fitness family.


Study Source: www.sciencedaily.com

Written by Tracy Dumas.

Director of Marketing & PR

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