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Yoga Changed My Life

Posted by Jessica Reed | Dec 5, 2023 1:03:32 PM

TAC Member and frequent Yogi at The Studio, Jessica Reed recently shared her incredible story with The Alaska Club’s marketing team and the impact the community at The Studio has had on her life. We truly believe that exercise is medicine for the body and the soul and were so touched by her words that we asked Jessica’s permission to share her story in hopes of inspiring others. She graciously agreed. We are so proud of Jessica for the courage it took to step into that first class after an excruciating time in her life and make such a positive change for herself, and potentially for others. Thank you, Jessica for sharing your story. We wish you all the best this holiday season and beyond. – TAC Marketing Team


In October of 2022, I decided to take back my health – after a devastating car accident that left me with a Cervical Spine fusion and cervical disc replacement, I lost myself in the healing process. I got lazy, was in denial, and was angry about what a drunk driver stole from my husband and me. Rather than help my body heal by staying active and making healthy choices, I turned to binge eating and drinking excessively, resulting in my weight skyrocketing to the heaviest weight.


My body was inflamed, and my joints ached. I was not sleeping well, and my anxiety haunted me daily. In October 2022, I joined a gym and started my journey. In January of 2023, I was chipping away at the sixty pounds that I had gained and was seeing a massage therapist who suggested that I try the hot yoga classes that the gym offered. I logged in online and signed up – I remember walking into my first class and felt an immediate sense of peace when the instructor checked me in.


I entered the studio – and the heat almost took my breath away; I remember being grateful that there was an open spot in the back corner of the room. A lovely Yogi occupied the space beside me, and I shared with her that it was my first time doing yoga. She was so kind and helped me through the entire class with my poses and breathing through the heat, I learned after class that she was an instructor at The Studio! It sounds cliché to say, “I was hooked” after that first class, however, I was hooked, and I signed up for my second class.


From that moment on, I immersed myself in hot yoga, it made me feel like I was connecting my mind, body, and soul. I ordered books on the structure of the poses; I filled up my Pinterest “Inner Peace” board with everything yoga. I love what my instructors bring to the classes and how they help us focus on making peace with who we are. I love how yoga has taught me to practice the pause and breathe with intent to connect to my inner space and experience calm. I love the vow of gratitude I take when I connect to my mat and for the opportunity to learn a little more and know myself a little deeper.


One of my favorite things that my favorite instructor, Andrea, taught me was - that we always fill our cups for others; you should fill your cup up and let it overflow to your saucer and what is on the saucer is for others, what is in your cup is for you. I am excited to share I have lost 65 pounds, my body is toned, and I have never felt as healthy as I do now. I owe gratitude to my yoga practice for changing my life. I have set a new goal for my practice, and I am searching to become a yoga instructor so I can share my practice with others. I haven’t found a teacher training just yet, but I am actively looking!


My Soul Honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty, and peace within you because it is also within me. In sharing these things, we are united, we are the same.


Jessica Reed

Written by Jessica Reed

TAC Member and frequent Yogi at The Studio

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