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NYC Marathon for ALS

Posted by Janet Warner, Executive Director of Fitness Services | May 1, 2024 1:32:55 PM

I did something this week that I was certain I would NEVER do. I signed up to run a marathon. Not just any marathon – the New York City Marathon. Whenever I’ve been asked “are you gonna run a marathon now”, my reply has always been, I’m only half crazy. Yes, I’ve run several half marathons. However, as I crossed the finish line I’ve never thought, gee I wish I could do that again - right now. I’m also very aware of and respectful of what it takes to train for and run a marathon. It’s a commitment.

So, what changed? I was given the opportunity to run the NYC Marathon as a Team Quest for ALS representative. This is a fundraising opportunity for ALS which is a cause near and dear to me. Even though there is still a part of me that agrees with the “don’t want to do that” there is a bigger part of me that says I can do this and need to do this for those who are fighting ALS or have lost their battle with ALS.

  • Did you know 1 in 400 people will get ALS? That’s crazy scary to me.
  • Did you know that if you have served in the military, you are twice as likely to get ALS? That’s scary and extra wrong.

However, ALS hits even more personal for me. My brother Leo died from ALS 14 years ago. He was 52 when he was diagnosed and 55 when he died. I miss him. I know our family misses his energy and humor and he missed out on what should have been a super high-quality time of life.

I’ve also been fortunate to meet Augie Nieto through my career at The Alaska Club. Augie, a founding father in the fitness industry, also became a founding father in ALS research as he was diagnosed with ALS about a year before my brother Leo. Augie gradually lost use of his muscles but continued to fight from his wheelchair. Unfortunately, Augie died last year, but the fight to cure ALS continues.

You’ll be hearing more from me as I check in with my marathon training and ALS fundraising efforts. I need your support– not only during the training and event – but to be sure we are making the most of this opportunity. ALS needs to be cured and we can do it one step at a time.


Janet Warner is The Alaska Club Executive Director of Fitness Services. Learn more about her efforts HERE.

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Written by Janet Warner, Executive Director of Fitness Services

Janet is the ED of Fitness Services for The Alaska Club and has dedicated her life to the good health and fitness of others. She is a mom, new grandmother, wife, sometimes known as a mamma bear and keeper of Polly, her Corgi.

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