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Workey For That Turkey

Posted by Tina Day | Nov 9, 2017 2:57:39 PM

The holidays are here and so are all the savory and sweet treats that come with them. Between the plethora of get-togethers and events, it seems almost impossible to avoid the temptation of gobble gobbling all the food in front of you. In fact, a single Thanksgiving meal can total between 2,500 to 4,500 calories. That’s right, one meal and you’ve significantly surpassed the recommended 2,000 daily calorie intake.

So how do we combat holiday weight gain and overeating during the holidays?


Limit Alcohol Intake

Tis the season for flowing libations, but those liquid calories can add up quickly. A beer has about 150 calories, and a glass of wine has 100. Four drinks later and you could be totaling 600 calories on top of what you’ve already consumed. We suggest limiting yourself to two drinks, and always finding a safe, sober ride to get home.


Be Selective

The Thanksgiving table is basically an all-you-can-eat buffet to which our brains say “challenge accepted.” Instead, take a moment to pause and think about what you really want and will truly enjoy, then select 2-3 options. Also, consider at what point you will actually become full (of food and regret). Your stomach will thank you later.


Say Yes To Snacks

In anticipation of a large meal, we will often fast, as we prepare for overindulgence. Instead eat a small, light snack an hour or two before your large meal. A handful of almonds, low-fat yogurt, or a low-calorie snack bar are great options. You’ll eat far less, and when you’re not starving, you can actually take the time to enjoy and appreciate your meal.


Don’t Sabotage Your Hard Work

After a great workout where you’ve just scorched hundreds of calories, it’s easy to justify indulgence and say, “My body NEEDS this baked macaroni.” However, after a workout, your body is craving nutrition. Consuming large amounts of empty-calorie meals likes potatoes and gravy will still lead to weight gain and sabotage your hard work. Even at Thanksgiving you can build yourself a healthy plate and give your body the nutrition it needs by choosing protein-packed meat, green veggies packed with vitamin K, and treat like sweet potatoes packed with vitamins and fiber.


Treat Yourself and Move On

Yes, we said to treat yourself. It’s okay to indulge now and again. No one should have to say no to pumpkin pie year-round. Just be sure to stay active! Swimming, jogging, Zumba, spin classes, and insanity classes are calorie scorchers and all available at The Alaska Club. Our Studio Hot Yoga classes and Group Fitness classes are also great ways to burn calories and fat.


And if you do overindulge in a meal or two, remember, The Alaska Club is always here for you.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Topics: Clean eating

Written by Tina Day

Marketing Director of The Alaska Club, serving the Anchorage Mat-Su, Fairbanks, and Juneau area with the best gym membership deals available in a fitness club

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