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Why a Fitness Consultation Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Posted by Tracy Dumas | Mar 1, 2024 10:35:27 AM

     We all have a purpose and a reason for coming to the Club. Maybe it’s to reduce stress, improve flexibility, train for your first triathlon, or be able pick up a grandchild with ease. Whatever your reason for joining The Alaska Club, we’re thrilled that you chose to be a part of our community. Our goal is to offer motivation, inspiration, and variety to help you reach your health and fitness goals. One of the services we offer to members is a fitness consultation. Victor Spivey, TAC Manager of Personal Training Sales, explains the purpose, benefits, and process of this check-in designed to help you set goals and put them into action.

     A fitness consultation is intended to help get you into the gym and start a workout plan designed with your specific goals, needs, and abilities in mind. In the end, you’ll have a 4-week plan in place for you to be successful based on the information obtained from the trainer you worked with and the goals you set for yourself. Plan to spend about an hour with a TAC fitness consultant or personal trainer of your choice. You should come prepared to move but can do so where you feel most comfortable. If you prefer privacy, you can have your consultation in an office or a stretching room, it doesn’t have to be on the weight room floor.

     The first step is to have a conversation about what you hope to get out of your membership. “There’s a reason why we join the gym, why you’re sitting down and talking with us,” says Victor, adding “If you’re looking for a personal training session, the road map is best because we can use it to help define your goals then put them into action.” If you are new to fitness, you might want to focus on the starting statistics of measuring your weight, analyzing your posture, and testing your body fat percentage. Victor says looking at how you move is also important. “One of the exercises we might ask someone to do is an overhead squat where you squat down while raising your arms above your head,” he says. “We’re seeing where your over and under reactive muscles are and checking your form.”

     After your fitness consultation is completed, Victor says the trainer you worked with will take all the information and come up with a plan for you for the next four weeks. But that’s not where the process ends. “We check back to see how you’re doing,” says Victor. “We don’t want to just send people on their way and never check in on them again. If you need help or a different plan, we’ll work with you to try to get you back on that plan.” Even if you are a long-time member who has never had a fitness consultation, it’s not too late to go to the personal training page of the website and request one. Victor says the more information you have on your fitness journey, the more successful you’re going to be, “I think everybody can learn something to be sure you’re meeting the goals you established for yourself. Our whole purpose is that we’re here to help people.”

That’s the way fitness should be. Ready to get started? Click here to schedule your fitness consultation



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Written by Tracy Dumas

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