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5 Simple Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling

Posted by Sheila Olson | Aug 27, 2018 11:10:50 AM

Even the most fitness and diet-conscious among us struggle when it comes to traveling. Not only are you nowhere near your gym or your familiar running paths, but you’re also tempted by high-caloric foods and unable to prepare your meals the way you’re used to. Plus, who has time to work out when they are traveling? Whether it’s for business or pleasure, it’s difficult to stay in shape when you’re away from home. Difficult, but certainly doable. Here’s how.

Find some workouts you can do anywhere


You may be used to having a full gym in which to get your workouts, but traveling changes that. Sure, there are some hotels with gym accommodations, but you can’t rely on that. Instead, you must be able to make a solid workout out of nothing—no equipment necessary.

The good news is that this is more than just possible; it’s quite easy. Here’s a 30-minute option that gives you a total-body workout. And here are a couple dozen no-equipment exercises that can be done anywhere, even your hotel room. It may not be “ideal,” but it works.

Drink smart

Traveling often involves a boost to your alcohol consumption (especially when you’re on vacation). Instead of trying to go full teetotaler, which is rarely feasible, think about drinking smart. The most gut-busting alcoholic drinks you can have are usually beer and sugary mixed drinks. Instead of drinking the majority of your calories, opt for health(ier) beverages like vodka and club soda (with a splash of citrus), whiskey and diet coke, or a glass of white wine.

Don’t be tempted by your Uber app


There are some travel destinations where the use of a cab or Uber simply cannot be avoided. But there are plenty of places that, with a combination of public transport like buses and subways, can be traversed on foot. A tourist in a city can walk between 5 and 10 miles sightseeing, something that can burn hundreds or calories. Even if you’re not traveling for pleasure, try to walk to wherever you need to be. Not only will you keep yourself fit, but you’ll save money as well.

Take your dog with you


When we travel alone (or even with a partner or close friend), we tend to be negatively influenced by the worst in each other. We eat too much, we drink too much, and we tend to be lazier. If you want someone that will motivate you to get up and get moving, take a look at your pup. There are tons of ways to get fit with your dog, especially on vacation. Find a hiking trail, go for a run with your dog, or do some yoga on the beach. The point is that your dog will force you to get some physical activity in because they need it every day.

Set your alarm

While the temptation to sleep in and wake up without an alarm can be great, your body will thank you if you make the choice to set an alarm and get up early. As Forbes notes, “studies have proven that working out gives you more energy and makes you much more conscientious about your food choices throughout the day.” And with all of that new food tempting you at every turn, you’re going to need some help making good choices.


In the end, you want to find a balance while traveling. You can’t make the healthy decision 100 percent of the time—that wouldn’t be any fun. But you also can’t use traveling as an excuse to go crazy with your diet and fitness (or lack thereof). Travel throws you out of your normal routine. You’ll stay fitter and healthier if you do what you can to bring your routine with you when you go.

Topics: Hydration, diet, summertime, travel

Written by Sheila Olson

Founder of fitsheila.com


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