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Gobble Gobble Grovel

Posted by The Alaska Club | Nov 5, 2018 2:35:26 PM

With all the food we’re about to consume this month, we thought we would give you a full body workout that would ease the guilt and maybe just leave you groveling after all the gobbling. So here is a killer workout, the kind that will leave you grabbing objects for support as you go to sit down.


Burpees, 3 Sets of 10

Let’s first get that heart rate up with the exercise we love to hate: burpees. To complete this plyometric jump, start in a standing position, then move into a squat, press hands to the floor, kick feet back and complete a push up, then jump back to your feet. It should be a quick fluid motion.

Goblet Squats, 3 Sets of 20

Grab a weight you are comfortable squatting with. Stand with legs apart in a squat position holding the top of the dumbbell with both hands arms straight down. Now squat with legs slightly apart, making sure you heels are planted firmly on the ground and your knees do not cross over your toes. When you come back up, jump with legs spread apart about 3 feet apart and repeat the squatting motion.

Sit Ups with A Weight, 2 Sets of 20

Grab a light weight and assume the sit up position, hold out the weight in front of you for an arm workout in addition to abs and complete a sit up. Make sure when you’re completing the sit up you keep your heels on the ground for the entirety of the sit up while keeping head forward and jaw relaxed.

Incline Hammer Curl, 3 Sets of 13

Increase stretch with a bicep curl at an angle. Set the bench at a 45-degree angle, grab two sets of dumbbells at a weight you feel comfortable with. Seated, with two dumbbells in each hand with arms hanging down straight, slowly curl both arms to chest by bending at the elbow. Hold, then repeat.

Back Extensions, 4 sets of 10

On the hyperextension bench, grab a weight and hold it to your chest, place feet firmly facing forward. Make sure the hyperextension is adjusted so that both legs lie flat against the pad, hinge at the hips and bend forward slowly, exhaling as you bend down, and inhaling as you come up. Keep back straight and head forward.

Stair Steppers for 10 minutes.

Top off the workout with a little cardio. Set at a pace that feels comfortably difficult. With head forward and jaw relaxed, start stepping.

And there you have it, a full body workout that will have you thanking us, and possibly cursing us, later. If you’re looking for a little more guidance during your workout, The Alaska Club offers a variety of classes that will have you sweating bullets. Classes include Group Power, Group Core, Insanity and more. If you ever have any questions about form, weights or equipment, our personal trainers are happy to assist you. Now go forth and sweat like a beast before your feast.

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Written by The Alaska Club

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