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Getting the most from your membership @ The Alaska Club

Posted by Ruth Carter, TAC Member | Feb 4, 2020 12:00:00 PM

I’ve been a member of the Alaska Club for decades beginning in the late-80s, early-90s. At first I was gung-ho doing step classes and lifting weights at The Alaska Club East (In fact, at 35 I was rock solid, happy and very fit). As I was approaching 60, I made the commitment to myself to get in shape, rather than aging. I saw people much older than me who continued to workout and looked great. I decided I would get myself back on track.

Stacey offered me a complimentary Personal Training session, which spurred me into signing up. Part of the PT package was Team Training and I’ve never looked back. There are so many great classes and instructors… it’s the people that keep me coming back — staff and other members. I love the staff at the West and Women’s Clubs, and that’s my main stomping grounds; although I do yoga at Jewel Lake Studio and find a Zumba class from time to time.

Since I’ve been a member of TAC, I’ve had highs and lows, but it’s building myself out of the lows with the support of TAC that stands out and so when I’m at the club. I’m on my way to achieving and maintaining strength, health and happiness into the future.

Ruth Carter - Ruth, Member since 2001 

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