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Exercise Snacks & Physical Health

Posted by Tracy Dumas. | Mar 1, 2023 10:28:02 AM

How many snacks do you take in a day? If you’re taking exercise snacks, indulge all you want. Exercise snacks are defined as short bursts of movement. They can be as simple as climbing stairs instead of taking an elevator or standing up from your work desk to do wall pushups or a series of squats. The time you spend is short, but according to research, the benefits are great.

Daniel Moore, associate professor of muscle physiology at the University of Toronto in Canada led the study which was published last year. His research found that just two minutes of movement every 30 minutes can “improve the way our body clears sugar from meals” * which allows a better process for replacing old proteins and building muscle. His colleague, Jenna Gillen, worked on a similar study and found that exercise snacking also improved blood sugar regulation after meals.

Need some inspiration? Here’s a ‘snack pack’ of recipes to help you get moving:

1. Do a series of 10 squats every time you get up from your desk.

2. Wall push-ups while waiting for the coffee to brew or lunch to heat up in your microwave.

3. Get up from your chair, rise onto your toes, then squat sit back down, and repeat 15 times.

4. Climb and descend stairs as quickly and safely as you can for a few minutes.

5. Do a set of jumping jacks, march, or run in place for at least a minute.

Many of us lead busy lives and finding time to get your workout in during the day can be challenging. While exercise snacking can’t replace the benefits of regular moderate to vigorous activity, it does offer another way to keep moving on those days when you either can’t get a workout in or you want to undo the effects of sitting for too long. Remember, frequency and habit produce gains and make you feel accomplished too. Whether it’s taking short breaks during your workday or hopping on a treadmill for 20 minutes before breakfast, here at The Alaska Club, we invite you to spend time doing whatever feels good to you. This month, kickstart your spring training by incorporating exercise snacks into your daily diet.


Written by Tracy Dumas.

Director of Marketing & PR

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