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Journal the Journey

Posted by The Alaska Club | Aug 8, 2018 8:53:51 AM

“Dear journal, those burpees were really hard and I’m never doing them again”. Okay, that’s not exactly what we mean when we say journal the journey. What we’re really talking about is documenting your workout, including reps, sets, weights, exercises, intensity level, date and time.

What’s the point? Keeping a log of your routine is an effective way to keep you motivated and honest, and serves as helpful documentation of your journey to look back on.



Jot it Down Effectively

First, decide what your goals are for the day. Are you doing a bi and tri workout? Legs? Cardio? Whatever it is, write down a clear, detailed plan of what you want your time at the gym to look like. This way, there’s no guessing game when you get there. It’s all clearly mapped out, making it easy to accomplish your goals.

Here’s an example:

August 1, 2018, 6 p.m.

Workout Sets Reps Weight Intensity

Deadlifts 3 7 65 lbs 6

Lunges 2 (each side) 10 xx 4

Snatches 3 5 50 lbs 8

1 Mile Treadmill xx xx xx 2

Note Section: I need to practice my form for deadlifts. Lunges felt easy. I think I can increase the number of reps and add dumbbells. I felt pretty good overall, but a little tired at first. I think I need more sleep. HUNGRY.

Now that you have documentation to look back on, you can make observations to improve and adjust your workout. Perhaps you notice over time that a 65-pound deadlift is no longer at a level 8 intensity and is feeling too easy. Time to go up in weights and reassess your goals. Or maybe you can see you haven’t focused on a specific area in awhile, and it’s time to add triceps to your workout plan.

It’s also important to note how you are feeling overall. Were you tired? Is there something you want to focus on improving? Are you happy? Frustrated? In a better mood? Write it all down. Not only is it an opportunity to get everything off your chest, but also you can look back and notice important patterns. “Wow, I always perform better on Mondays, when I’ve had a full weekend of rest. I need to incorporate more sleep into my schedule.”



It’s extremely rewarding to have everything logged, so you can flip back through the weeks and see your progress. You might think you haven’t made much advancement, but when you go back and see your reps have increased or weight has almost doubled, it can make it all worthwhile.

If you have any additional questions about journaling your fitness journey, reach out to one of our professional instructors. They’ll be happy to provide tips and additional instructions.

Write on.

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Written by The Alaska Club

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