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Favorite Distance

Posted by Janet Warner, Executive Director of Fitness Services | May 21, 2024 2:20:45 PM

Even though I’ve done more half marathons than any other race distance, truth be told, my favorite distances are 5 and 10 miles.

I worked in Washington, D.C. for 4 years – right across the street from the White House for the FCIC Fitness Center. D.C. is absolutely the most stress-filled place I’ve ever experienced (especially after having lived in North Pole Alaska for 7.5 years). However, I really loved corporate fitness and running around the monuments. Our kids were pretty young at the time, so my running was limited to right before work in the morning or on a lunch break. Most of the running I did in D.C. was 3 to 6 miles – nothing crazy but it kept me from feeling crazy that’s for sure.

Knowing it was our last year in D.C., I decided I’d better do one iconic D.C. area run, so I signed up for the Cherry Blossom run. It should have been a beautiful spring morning run, but mother nature decided 40 degrees and rain was the weather of that day. Although several people from work signed up, only 3 of us showed up – 2 guys and me. Turns out running with people that are generally faster and running in the rain is good for my pace. I ran the fastest 10 miles I’ve ever run and yes it was a bit of miserable, but it was also so entertaining to run around D.C. streets, taking in all the sights and keeping up with the guys. I wore that race shirt proudly until it fell apart a few years later.

Five miles has been a go-to training distance for me since I started running. It’s enough to feel like a workout but not so much that I must find a large chunk of time to get it done. When I found the Alaska Run for Women it was like coming home. Five miles is such a perfect distance. The participants and the energy of the race is like no other, and its cause is also very near and dear to me. My Mom died from Breast Cancer when she was 48.

This years Alaska Run for Women is Saturday June 8th. You can run, walk, or find a happy combination of the two. I guarantee the energy of the event will make the miles go by quickly and you’ll feel so rewarded for making a difference in the world and our community in this way. Registration is by donation only – so whatever you can give is the right amount. All the money goes to research, testing and supporting those who are going through breast cancer. Be sure to join The Alaska Club team when you register for Alaska Run for Women. I look forward to seeing you out there.



Written by Janet Warner, Executive Director of Fitness Services

Janet is the ED of Fitness Services for The Alaska Club and has dedicated her life to the good health and fitness of others. She is a mom, new grandmother, wife, sometimes known as a mamma bear and keeper of Polly, her Corgi.

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