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Healthy Holiday Eating Starts Now

Posted by Patrick Curtis | Dec 23, 2015 4:19:45 PM

Healthy Holiday Eating Starts NowWe are once again in the Autumn of our Alaskan calendar with the holiday season fast approaching and with it delectable treats on offer in the office, baked goods at home and of course the great meals shared with family and friends. So how do we keep our waistlines from increasing during the onslaught of sweets, treats and home cooking? Here are some simple strategies to help along the way:

  • Moderation is always a key—not too many of any one thing at a time.
  • Know when you have had enough to eat—our bodies register satiation around 20-mins into a meal so eating slowly to allow this process to occur gradually vs. eating a whole meal inside twenty minutes is better. Take breaks between bites and drink water along the way.
  • Portion size—a general guideline is to make a fist and this shows the approximate portion size of a meal relative to the individual (you). Try to divide larger meals and save some for later vs. consuming more than you need to feel full (see above).
  • Include bouts of moderate exercise/movement during the day of a holiday meal, such as walking or other intervals of movement vs. sitting for long periods of time.
  • Enjoy smaller portions of the broader variety of foods and refreshments on offer and try not to overindulge in just your standard favorites or more filling food choices such as starches and breads.
  • Keep on track with your regular workouts of at least 3 cardio and 2 strength sessions per week throughout the holiday season and not only will the holidays be happy but healthier too!

Happy holidays to all from The Alaska Club!

Written by Patrick Curtis

Patrick is The Alaska Club's Director of Fitness & Member Relations, with 20+ years experience in personal training, group instruction & administration.


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