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The Alaska Club Celebrates 30 Years of Health & Fitness

Posted by AK Business Monthly | Feb 10, 2016 4:59:17 PM


February 11, 1986 was the start of it all! Anchorage real estate professional Andrew Eker and former Alaska Pacific Bank president Tom Behan, along with a group of 50 investors, bought the Alaska Teamsters’ recreation center in east Anchorage and established the East Club. By 1997, more locations were added and today there are 14 locations across the state.

The Alaska Club has a great deal to celebrate: three decades of being the state’s largest fitness organization, a steadfast membership base and the ability to continually reinvest in our facilities. Some of the most recent investments include multi-million dollar renovations at the Fairbanks and Juneau clubs, a new pool and splash park at the Eagle River club, new racquetball courts and a state-of-the-art group cycling studio at the South Anchorage club, and upgrades to the racquetball courts at the East club. New equipment, spa amenities and classes continue to be added and more projects are slated for this year.

 “With these successes, there have been challenges,” says CEO Robert Brewster, who has been with The Alaska Club for over 28 years. He credits many of the early successes to the founders’ strong business acumen. “They were able to shepherd the organization through some difficult early years.” Robert attributes three key factors to the sustained success of The Alaska Club: convenience, variety and community.

"Having multiple clubs in one town or community has turned out to be very popular,” says Robert. “In today’s modern society, people need convenience to support their busy lifestyles. Perhaps a member visits one club to use a pool, or frequents another closer to home, or grabs a quick workout at the location closest to work, having this type of convenience and flexibility has proven to be a win-win for The Alaska Club and our members.”

“Variety has proven to be another important component to our success. Members want more options like personal training, tennis, racquetball, swimming, group classes, youth fitness, basketball, childcare and spa services. We continually add amenities that make the clubs not only a fitness destination, but a place for families to enhance their lifestyles,” says Robert.

“The third leg of our success is giving back to our communities across the state! Three decades ago, The Alaska Club adopted a philosophy to give back to communities in which we do business, by supporting local organizations that promote health, fitness and education. It is very near and dear to us,” says Robert.

The Alaska Club’s commitment to health, wellness and community extends pass the thresholds of our clubs into the neighborhoods we serve through various outlets including community events, donations, and sponsorships.

The Alaska Club is proud to partner with hundreds of organizations throughout Alaska. Come celebrate 30 years of service to our members and our communities all month long!

For more information visit http://www.thealaskaclub.com

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