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Members Compete in International Senior Games

Posted by The Alaska Club | Jul 21, 2015 12:10:00 PM

Don KielyMember Don Kiely took part in the 2015 National Senior Games held this month. Athletes competing in the National Senior Games must first qualify at a state level and Don was one of several Fairbanks runners selected to take part. Don, whose running resume includes age division honors in numerous local races, found the National Senior Games experience "really interesting, amazing to have 10,000 athletes come and compete at some surprisingly high levels." In addition to his own running in the road races, Don got to cheer on triathletes and saw the archery competition, finding it really impressive that competitors could consistently hit the center from 80 yards out. "People were so nice" said Kiely "competitive but fun. The key thing was everyone was so supportive and just there to have a good time."

Don works out at the club to enhance his running, focusing on swimming and core and then using treadmills when it's cold or smoky. He uses the rollers and bands in the stretch area and thinks it's a nice plus to stretch in the club where he doesn't get covered in dog hair.

As a fun aside, Don's other big claim to fame on his running resume is playing the part of Ludwig Van Beethoven in the annual Beat Beethoven run this past April.

Clyde LorenzThe other really exciting news is the Alaska International Senior Games coming up in August. The Alaska International Senior Games (AISG) were established in 2003 to offer adults, age 50 and better, the opportunity to compete with peers in a variety of activities and, more generally, to enhance their fitness, health, and quality of life. Member Clyde Lorenz has played racquetball in the Alaska Senior Games all except one year since their inception in 2003.

In talking about the Senior Games, Clyde says, "they're just fun, a bunch of people your age that are still competitive. I try to stay in shape for my sport and at my age I don’t want to take anything for granted."

Clyde works out at The Alaska Club most days to be sure he's in motion and in the game.

"Racquetball and pickle ball have a sense of integrity among the players – you call your own outs, for example. When I first started playing that really impressed me. Now I just tease with the guys and tell them to get their eyes checked."

Please join all of us at The Alaska Club in congratulating Don and wishing Clyde all the best in his upcoming competition. To find out more about registering for the Alaska International Senior Games, go to http://www.alaskaisg.org/


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Written by The Alaska Club

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