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Triathlete Shares: Running, Biking, Swimming... The Balance of Trinity

Posted by The Alaska Club | Jul 24, 2015 5:00:00 PM

Hello friend, I’m honored to share with you “WHY I TRI” and encourage you to do so too!

Now, the trick of this blurb is to keep it short and simple (something I’m not good at). Triathlon (for me) goes beyond SWIM, BIKE, RUN and can be summed up in THREE AREAS OF LOVE:

  1. Family Unity
  2. Balance of Trinity
  3. Love for yourself and others surrounding you!

First, let’s talk family! (if you are single, you might want to bypass this to the second) Triathlon training has brought us closer as a family. It forced my husband (beyond best friend) and I to communicate better and literally work as a team! After our second daughter was born, life became crazy busy. We knew we couldn't continue our active lifestyle as competitive cyclists; so, we modified. I learned to love swimming and we both discovered we could run! Let’s face it, when you have children you have less time, and every moment counts! Bulky bike gear is more time consuming than throwing on a pair of running shoes and/or swimsuit, cap and goggles and heading to the gym. When the weather didn't cooperate, The Alaska Club play-center made our active lifestyle more achievable!

Today life is a little easier and the workouts are more fun, now that our children own this lifestyle too! Our daughters have quickly learned to be responsible for their own gear. Cadence, named after biking is 11, and Dara, named after the 2008 Olympian swimmer is 6. We (the parents) never gave them the choice to be active. They were thrown into this lifestyle not knowing any different and they will tell you, they “love to TRI.” They keep us in shape… encouraging us to run while they bike and to go swim when it’s raining. We now look forward to the day when we get to run Lost Lake trail and bike Resurrection Pass as a family!!

Second, the balance of trinity. You might have noticed the ‘trinity knot’ tattooed over scars on my left arm. It, along with the ‘love knot,’ were chosen for more than one reason! Without getting too philosophical, let’s face the facts; there is something about THREE that keeps balance… if you are lacking or over-doing it in one area, it affects the other(s). To quickly break this down, your mind/body/soul are affected by seeking balance in swim/bike/run. The body appreciates a good bike spin after a hard run… and good swim after a hard bike… the structure of scheduling this lifestyle challenges the mind and when it all comes together - it is spiritual JOY for the soul!!!

Finally, love the new you and discover those around you. The Alaska Triathlon Club community has not only allowed me to discover talents I never knew I had, but also, has humbled me in areas I have taken for granted both physically and spiritually. As your body transforms into a more balanced work of art, you soon discover personal goals for improving yourself and allowing others in to help and challenge you. We are all a work in progress; let’s help each other and keep it fun! I challenge you to give this lifestyle a TRI! Discover the new you, learn to appreciate others with a balanced lifestyle you can enjoy anytime, anywhere, and at any age. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you out there!

Amber Stull is a Studio Rush Coach for The Alaska Club and youth cycle instructor/triathlon coach for The Alaska Club South. She is also the bike fit specialist and co-owner of Chain Reaction Cycles.

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Written by The Alaska Club

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